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Storing renewable energy

Storing renewable energy

With more and more people putting solar panels on their roofs to generate their own green energy, the demand for energy storage is also growing. When the sun is shining brightly, you probably have enough energy and perhaps even a surplus. But on lesser days, you would also like to use the energy you have generated. After all, it would be a shame if it were delivered back to the grid and you would not see any of it again. That is why we would like to tell you more about storing sustainable energy.

Storing renewable energy at home

When we talk about storing sustainable energy, the home battery is often mentioned at the same time. This special battery makes it possible to store energy at home. Power that is not immediately used by your appliances is sent directly to the battery by a regulator. When you don't generate power at a later moment but you do need it, the regulator will draw the power from your home battery.

Is a home battery advantageous?

Currently, home batteries are still quite pricey in purchase cost. In addition, the current battery has another big disadvantage: You can only store energy for a limited number of days. Energy that you generate and save during the sunny summer months cannot be stored until the winter months. The system cannot currently handle that. However, developments are moving quickly, so more and more are looking at how this can be accomplished.
Currently, home batteries are not economical due to the purchase cost and the limited time in which energy can be stored. However, the more demand there will be for home batteries, the more supply there will be and the lower the prices will eventually be. So storing energy sustainably with a home battery may certainly become more attractive in the future.

What is the alternative?

Storing renewable energy is possible, but not attractive at the moment. A better alternative is to use renewable energy as efficiently as possible. During the day, your solar panels naturally generate the most power, so it is smart to use appliances you need during the day. For example, run your laundry during the day instead of in the evening. With our EV charger zappi, you can also easily use your solar energy to charge your electric car.
Do you then still have a surplus of energy? With our smart energy diverter eddi you can use the surplus for your heating systems. This way you make the best use of your generated energy.