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Important news! Business home charging now possible with zappi

OCPP support

Are you a proud owner of a zappi v2.1 charging station and want to charge at home for business and settle the costs? Then we have good news. The latest software update v5.114 or higher will include a long-awaited feature: OCPP support! And the best news is that this new feature is backwards compatible and optional for all zappi v2.1 versions starting with type number "2H" (the versions with built-in Hub).

Business settlement

But what does OCPP support really mean for you and why is it such a big step forward at myenergi for business home charging? First of all, OCPP stands for Open Charge Point Protocol. It is an international standard for managing and communicating charging stations.

With OCPP support in the new software update v5.114 or higher, users can set up their zappi to distinguish which car is attached to the zappi at home. This will allow business settlement. No special software or external management systems will be required.

Completely free of charge

The software update v5.114 is offered free of charge, and the new features can then be seen in the myenergi account page. Want to go one step further and have the process automated? Then you can also choose an e-mobility service provider that automates this process and handles the billing between you and your employer.


Setting up OCPP? Then take advantage of our explanation video.

Multiple cars?

Distinguish between multiple cars? Then use our explanation video.

Need support?

Easily send a support request and our support team will answer your question as soon as possible.