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Electrifying New Zealand

Energise your home with power of the sun!

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Renewable energy products

We want to give you the freedom to be energy-independent while positively impacting the environment. And the best part? You will save some serious cash on your energy and fuel bills!

We believe that when we work together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future. Our smart renewable energy products will give you the power to take control of your energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint. So let’s join forces and make the world a kinder, cleaner place!

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Giving you more control

More choice. More control. Meet OCPP.

zappi is now OCPP supported as standard. This means you can connect to hundreds of platforms, which allow you to manage and control your charging experience. From keeping track of usage to controlling who can access your zappi — OCPP is making eco energy even easier.

Find out more about how OCPP gives you more choice, more control, and a better charging experience at home as well as how it allows you to keep track of every charge in the workplace.

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Manage and monitor your energy usage

Every myenergi device is designed to be connected. This means you can monitor everything in one place from the myenergi app; adjust settings, timers and boost functions as and when you need to.

Control your myenergi devices 24/7 from anywhere with the myenergi app.

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