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A turnkey solution for new green technology

Construction companies

Build greener homes

Whether you are working to build 20 or 20,000 homes, by adding a zappi to every home, you are not only meeting government requirements, but also giving residents the opportunity to connect their other myenergy products or solar panels. That way, they can make the most of their renewable energy and you can build a truly green home.

Embrace green technology, don't just adapt to it.

The world is increasingly focusing on the use of renewable energy. Therefore, it makes sense that future homes should be built as "future-proof" as possible.

Buyers increasingly value the presence of green technology. Like well-insulated glass and central heating, it will become an industry standard.

We can help you stay ahead of your competition, attract new customers and do your part to create a more sustainable future.

Market leading supports & quality controls.

All myenergi products are designed and manufactured in-house. That means we have complete quality control over the production of each product and we can provide immediate access to technical support. In addition, we also offer a myenergi FUNdamentals course that covers the basics of the myenergi product line and our patented technology.

Are you interested in that? If so, please email our training team at

Competitive advantage
convenience, no compromise.

While there are countless manufacturers in the field of renewable energy and EV charging, we have been able to gain real traction and attention in the marketplace. But how?

The answer is simplicity. To encourage a sustainable future and promote energy independence, our devices must be easy to use and install. Everything we do is focused on integration into consumers' lives. The easier our products are to use and install, the more likely they are to be adopted and the further we are toward our mission.

Let's build a greener future together.
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