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Energy independence has arrived


Immediately available since March 2024

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Libbi is...

A modular battery system that adapts to your needs

We created libbi to store your electricity, to use it when you need it most.

libbi is modular. Each module can store up to 5 kWh of electricity, so if you combine 4 of them, it provides up to 20 kWh of storage.

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Libbi gives you...

Ultimate control over your stored energy

libbi is not an ordinary battery system, it is eco-smart. This means that it makes intelligent decisions about when to supply and store electricity based on how much energy you use, how much you generate with your solar power and the electricity rate you use.

Your excess self-generated electricity, making you less dependent on the grid
The best time to store grid power at the cheapest price, based on your dynamic energy rate
Prioritize stored electricity with your myenergi devices to power your home, eddi or zappi


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Libbi is smart...

Intelligently connected, easy to operate

libbi connects seamlessly to your existing myenergi devices. This allows it to make intelligent decisions about when to charge or discharge based on your consumption, your tariff and your self-generated electricity. libbi has 5 core functions:

Don't give your free and green excess solar generation back to the grid! Store your power during the day and use it at night, especially during expensive peak periods.

Don't have solar power? Charge libbi using cheaper nighttime electricity rates and use this stored electricity during expensive periods, saving money! You can always add solar power later.

You have ultimate control over what you want libbi to do and when you want it to do it! Set priorities in the myenergi app to control libbi to charge and discharge to meet your needs.

Optional blackout backup, to maintain power to a dedicated circuit in the event of a power failure.

You have ultimate control over how the stored energy is used, by prioritizing devices in the myenergi app, libbi will not drain when an electric car is plugged in unless you would like it to.


Manage, maximize and monitor your energy in one place

The app seamlessly connects to all your myenergi devices, giving you complete control and access from anywhere in the world. View battery charge status, choose where your stored power goes around the house and more!

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Pick & Mix

Select your own battery storage system

Four common configurations

libbi 5kWh System libbi 10kWh System libbi 15kWh System libbi 20kWh System
1 x 3.68kW Inverter
1 x 5kWh Battery Module
1 x Controller
1 x 5kW Inverter
2 x 5kWh Battery Modules
1 x Controller
1 x 5kW Inverter
3 x 5kWh Battery Modules
1 x Controller
1 x 5kW Inverter
4 x 5kWh Battery Modules
1 x Controller
A single 5 kWh libbi module contains enough electricity to...
Watching TV For 89 hours
Light up a 3-bedroom house For 144 hours

An intelligent battery system that adapts to your needs

Modular storage

The libbi system is modular and can be adapted to your needs. Each module is 5 kWh, so if you combine 4, you get 20 kWh of storage capacity

Home ecosystem

libbi is designed to work in harmony with your other myenergi devices.
Prioritize where stored electricity is diverted, for use in your home, to charge your car, or to heat your water heater.

Green or Gray ... you choose

Whether you want to charge libbi via solar energy, the grid or a combination of both, the choice is yours. If you are going to recharge from the grid, we will optimize through your dynamic tariffs if desired

Remote operation

With the myenergi app, you can access and control your libbi from anywhere in the world! With live displays and graphs, you can track your imported and exported electricity in one place

An energy storage system that meets your needs.

libbi works as both an AC and DC-coupled battery system with solar PV. Connect solar panels without the need for a separate inverter or retrofit to an existing AC system.

Situation I don't have solar panels, but would like to, with battery storage I don't have solar panels and can't/won't install it I have solar power and I want to add battery storage I already have solar and want to add more, with storage
Installation Type New installation New installation Retrofit Retrofit
Configuration PV and libbi libbi only libbi only Replace your existing solar inverter with a libbi, a combined solar and battery inverter, or add your new solar panels + libbi alongside your existing system
Solar charging  
Power grid charging
Unique Features Connect your new solar panels directly to your libbi without the need for an additional inverter! Optimize with your dynamic rates, to store energy for use in more expensive periods Add a battery to your existing solar panels; the existing inverter can be replaced Allows expansion of a solar array without the need for an additional PV inverter by replacing an existing inverter with libbi
10-year battery warranty 

In addition to our excellent technical support team to answer all your needs and questions, libbi also comes with a manufacturer's warranty. We provide a 10-year warranty on your battery and a 5-year warranty on your inverter and controller. Once your myenergi libbi is installed, you must register with an account at to take full advantage of our warranty support.

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Your questions answered

FAQs Ask your question here

If you have a usage rate with dynamic pricing from your electricity supplier, libbi optimizes charging around cheaper periods and stores it so you can use it during more expensive peak hours

If you want to add solar power in the future, you can do so at any time without having to purchase a separate solar inverter, since the libbi system includes one.

Absolutely! Libbi is designed to work in harmony with our existing products and connect your home battery storage to our energy ecosystem.
Using the intuitive preferences in our mobile app, you can control if and when libbi is discharged to your zappi, eddi and home. This allows you to make your own decisions about how to use your stored electricity.

Dynamic tariffs are available from some electricity suppliers. These tariffs allow you to take advantage of cheaper energy prices at certain times of the day. These times are usually off-peak hours, when there is less demand on the electricity grid. Prices can also be more favorable during the day, when there is a lot of sun and wind, for example.

Yes! Customers with a flexible (or dynamic) tariff, (for example in the Netherlands: Nieuwe Stroom, ANWB, Energyzero, Tibber, Frank) can recharge and optimize their libbi around cheaper price periods.

Libbi offers customers the option of charging exclusively through their solar panels, or combined through solar and the grid. This means you can get the most out of self-generated electricity, while also charging at cheaper off-peak rates.

The average battery installation usually takes less than 1 day. If you are having a battery installed in conjunction with solar panels, it may take longer (typically up to 2 days), depending on the complexity of the work required. For example, this time frame does not include setting up scaffolding for a new solar panel.

The libbi battery and inverter can be installed either indoors or outdoors; however, the libbi controller must be installed indoors.

When installed indoors, there must be sufficient space around the system to allow airflow, and it usually cannot be installed in attics (due to weight) or because an entry or exit route will be blocked.

Our certified installation partners will guide you through their initial research for the best location for your libbi.

The libbi system is modular. It allows you to create a battery storage system from 5 kWh (1 battery) to 20 kWh (4 batteries).

The size of libbi system best suited for your home will be determined by one of our certified installation partners

This calculation is based on the size and electricity needs of your home, plus the size of your existing solar panel system. On average, a typical household consumes between 8kWh and 10kWh of electricity per day.

Using these factors, our installers can ensure you have enough capacity in your libbi to store excess solar energy you have generated, or your cheaper grid energy.

Yes! libbi can store excess electricity generated by independent wind turbines installed in the home. Upon detecting excess electricity, libbi ensures that it is stored for future use or used to power your other devices such as zappi and eddi (based on your charging preferences).

Yes, libbi can be installed on 1 phase of your 3 phase home connection; with the possibility of installing up to 3 libbi systems (1 on each phase). Alternatively, we will launch a version with a 3 phase inverter in due course, so keep an eye on our website!

The libbi system can be installed with optional "blackout backup."

This means that in the event of a power failure, libbi will supply the stored electricity to a special circuit or outlet connected to the libbi backup output.