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eddi support

Most frequently asked questions about eddi

The eddi converts energy imported and exported from the grid. Energy generated by your PV plant or other system that is normally exported is surplus.

The eddi uses this surplus to charge up to 3.7kW or for water/home heating, preventing excess energy from disappearing into the grid.

As much as 80% of energy you generate, as surplus, can be delivered back to the grid. The eddi can help you use 100% of your self-generated energy, which is completely free.

The eddi allows you to store energy as hot water or heating when you are not there. Later in the day, you can use this free hot water in your home. Without eddi, you would spend a lot more money heating water. You are better off using the energy you generate and thus available yourself.

With eddi you can use 100% of your own green energy, therefore you can save up to €250 per year with eddi and even more if you use electricity to heat the water in your home and your home itself. The higher the price you normally pay for your energy, the more you will save with eddi.

Absolutely, it is always best to install myenergi products together. You can specify where the energy should go, eddi and zappi then work together to use as much free energy as possible.

Varisine technology ensures that the energy from eddi is of the same quality as electricity entering your home through the grid. This technology is the reason eddi meets all CE product directives.

We always advise you to read up on whether your products meet the standards. When you choose cheaper energy diverters for your hot water, for example, it does save money in the beginning but in the end it can also cost you extra money.

Devices with phase angle measurements deal with large loads (up to 3kW) which creates unwanted harmonic currents in the power system. This can cause electrical and radio interference, overheat and cause damage to diverters and other electrical devices and equipment.

By using PWM (varisine) as a control method, eddi is the only device on the market that complies with regulatory requirements regarding limits on "harmonic current emissions" and other important EMC standards.

You can still use eddi if you have an electric microgen system and the following:

- Electric storage heaters (the eddi is suitable for Economy 7 and 10)
- Electric floor heaters
- Space-saving electric heaters
- Another electric charge up to 3.7kW with a mechanical thermostat