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Business charging station

zappi goes professional

Zappi's commercial mode seamlessly integrates chargers with a variety of electric vehicle management solutions, enabling convenient pay-per-load options, efficient expense tracking, streamlined fleet management and more. This integration increases operational efficiency and provides robust support for a variety of charging needs.

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Let your guests recharge

Installing Zappi offers convenient car charging solutions, and provides an excellent opportunity to monetize chargers for additional revenue while avoiding the hassle of managing or covering increased electricity costs. This setup provides an effortless way to improve service offerings and increase profitability.

Who is business charging for?



Offer your guests a range of charging options by offering free or pay-per-use facilities, or by renting out parking spaces. Manage everything effortlessly through your chosen EV management system at the front desk, giving both guests and staff a seamless experience. This approach increases guest satisfaction and optimizes facility usage.



Landlords can prepare for the requirement to install charging infrastructure, effectively addressing the EV needs of their tenants. Making strategic use of subsidies not only increases property values but also provides an important amenity for tenants, making properties more attractive and sustainable.



Parking lots can increase revenue and support facility maintenance by installing charging stations, providing significant benefits to various locations such as hospitality venues and retailers. This improvement not only attracts more visitors, but also provides a valuable service, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

EV Fleet Management

Maximize the benefits of switching to electric by sustainably managing your EV fleet with zappi. Seamlessly integrate critical aspects such as battery health, range and charging infrastructure into standard fleet management metrics. This approach not only improves operational efficiency, but also ensures smoother and more sustainable fleet management.

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Load balancing

Dynamic Load Balancing streamlines the implementation of multiple Zappi car chargers on site, providing safe and convenient distribution of electricity. This feature protects your power supply and fuse box, making it easier and more efficient to effectively manage your charging infrastructure.

Remote control

Control each zappi car charger remotely through your chosen management platform, eliminating the need to physically visit the unit. You can adjust settings and pricing at your convenience from any location, providing flexibility and convenience in managing your charging solutions.

Cost Management

Effortlessly monitor usage of all EV chargers through your chosen platform and seamlessly switch between work and personal use with the innovative Dual PIN feature. This functionality provides clearer fleet visibility, enables more effective cost management and improves operational efficiency.

Commercial vehicle home charging

Take advantage of Zappi's dual-PIN functionality, which allows employees to easily report expenses for company-related charging while maintaining a clear separation for personal use. This feature simplifies expense management and ensures accurate recording of usage, increasing convenience for both employees and administrators.

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Staff Benefit

Improve your workplace by offering your staff the incentive option of on-site vehicle charging, which promotes and supports the adoption of zero-emission vehicles. This convenient benefit allows your team to charge their vehicles while they work, so they can drive straight home at the end of the day without detours to a gas station.

Lower KM costs

Significantly reduce your company's fuel costs by switching to electric vehicles, potentially saving more than €600 per vehicle per year by charging during working hours. Magnify these savings even further by integrating solar panels to enable free charging during the day and taking advantage of lower energy rates for charging vehicles at night. This strategic approach not only reduces costs, but also promotes your company's sustainability efforts.

Expense Management

Say goodbye to lost fuel receipts! With zappi, you effortlessly manage your fleet costs thanks to OCPP compatibility, which allows for seamless integration with popular fleet management software. This simplifies the monitoring of multiple charging stations, whether for home-based employees or depot vehicles, and enables easy EV charging in the workplace. This integration streamlines the management process, making it more efficient and hassle-free.

Charging at work

Embrace your company's commitment to sustainability by offering workplace charging, a benefit that helps employees save money and protect the environment. This initiative not only supports your team's move to greener transportation options, but also reinforces your organization's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

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This depends on the size of the vehicle's battery in kWh and the speed of the charger in kW. Based on an average battery of 54kWh, a 50kW public DC charger would take about 64 minutes to reach a full 100% charge, while a typical 11kW AC charging station would take about 4 hours and 52 minutes.

Check out our English page here for more information on charging speeds for your specific vehicle.

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The cost of charging your electric car varies depending on several factors. If you use solar panels, you can charge your EV for free! However, if you pay for an EV charger at a gas station, for example, they will set their own rate, depending on fluctuating energy costs at the time. At home, you can benefit from cheaper charging if you plug in your electric car at night compared to during the day, and you can also choose different charging modes that will change the cost.

See our English page here for more information on charging costs for your specific vehicle.

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The zappi charger is designed to be compatible with virtually any electric vehicle available on the market. It can be installed on either single phase or three phase, allowing it to support a wide range of EVs, from small urban electric cars to larger vehicles that require more power for faster charging.

If you have a specific model in mind and want to confirm whether it can be charged with a zappi without problems, the best way to verify this is to check the vehicle's technical specifications in terms of charging compatibility, or you can contact the vehicle manufacturer directly.

Check out our English page here for more information on charging for your specific vehicle.

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