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Avoid high energy bills

Preventing high energy bills

With rising energy prices, charging your electric car is also becoming more expensive. How can you avoid running up a high energy bill at the end of the month? We will be happy to help you save.

Loading at home

Charging your electric car at home remains the most economical option. At a public charging station or fast charger, the costs are often higher and rising energy prices are also passed on there. However, if your energy supplier has raised prices, charging at home can also become more expensive. It is therefore a good idea to take a look at your energy contract and determine whether you can save money by switching.

Prevent high energy bills with zappi

With our smart EV charger zappi, you can easily charge your car when the lowest flexible energy rates apply. By charging at the lowest possible prices, you will soon have a lower energy bill.
Do you have solar panels on your roof? Zappi can use this energy to charge your car. That way you make smart use of your free power. Using a small device called harvi, zappi communicates with your solar panels. Thanks to harvi, your surplus energy does not go straight back to the grid, but is first checked to see if it can be used by your own devices. Thus, zappi allows you to charge your electric car with your own solar energy.

What else can you do to save?

Your electric car obviously requires quite a bit of power, but you can avoid high energy bills in other areas as well. Are you already applying the savings tips below?

  • When buying a new electrical appliance, pay attention to the energy label and choose an energy-efficient one.
  • Replace incandescent and halogen bulbs for LED lights.
  • Will you be absent from a particular room for a period of time? Then turn off the lights and heating.
  • Do you often forget to turn off the light? Smart bulbs that you can set with a timer or motion sensor help save money.
  • Turn down your heating by at least one degree. This will already save you at least 6 percent energy.
  • In summer, keep the heat out by blinds and keep windows and doors closed during the hottest hours.
  • In winter, don't forget to ventilate. Heating moist air is much more difficult than heating dry air, so you'll unknowingly use more energy. So make sure you have fresh air on a regular basis.
  • Are you still cooking on a gas stove? Consider switching to an induction cooktop.
  • Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth.
  • Take a shower rather than a bath and shower for shorter periods and less often. A quick refresher at the sink is often sufficient as well.
  • Use the washing machine less often and wash at lower temperatures more often.
  • When you can, dry your laundry outside instead of putting it in the dryer.

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