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How does energy feed-in work?

Energy feed back

By means of solar panels, you can generate your own energy. You can use this power yourself directly, but sometimes you generate more power than you use. That surplus power goes back to the grid. We call this feeding energy back. At the moment, you are still receiving compensation for feeding energy back, but this is gradually being reduced. How does this feed-in work exactly?

How does energy feed-in work?

When you have solar panels installed, they must be connected to the grid. You must inform your grid operator that you will be feeding back power. If necessary, the grid operator can visit you to install a suitable feed-in meter. In addition, many grid operators will require you to register for an energy feed-in via The exact procedure for registering varies from one grid operator to another, so check with your own operator.

What is the energy-saving scheme?

If you feed energy back, then you will currently receive a financial compensation for this. This is done via the so-called net metering scheme. However, from 2024 onwards, the net metering arrangement will most likely disappear. You will then receive an increasingly lower reimbursement for the energy that you feed back. It is therefore financially more interesting to use your own generated energy as much as possible. You pay nothing for the use of your own solar energy. If your solar panels do not generate enough energy, you pay for energy that you use from the grid. So it pays to be smart with your energy. Moreover, the electricity grid will be less burdened when more people produce and consume energy themselves.

How do I use my energy wisely?

When feeding back the energy is no longer financially advantageous, it is best to use your own energy. Energy that you use immediately is not returned to you. For example, when you run your washing machine while generating solar energy, you use this energy immediately. To be efficient with your energy, it is therefore smart to use electrical appliances as much as possible when the sun is shining.
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