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10 benefits of renewable energy

Advantages of renewable energy, sparki

With the news full of the shocking effects of climate change, the importance of using renewable energy seems clear to many. If you are still not convinced, here are the ten benefits of renewable energy.

1) It is....renewable!

Renewable energy never runs out: running water, heat from the earth's core, sunshine and strong winds are inexhaustible and a great source of renewable energy. There are now solar panels on 1.5 million houses in the Netherlands alone, and this number is expected to grow. One of the biggest advantages of renewable energy is that it significantly reduces your CO2 emissions.

2) Lower maintenance - Less risk, more profit

Another big advantage of renewable energy is that it saves costs. Green energy costs less than maintaining fossil fuels. It may seem expensive to set up a wind or solar farm, but they are cheaper to generate than gas and electricity stations. The risk involved in generating renewable energy is also lower.

3) Renewable energy saves money in the long run

While gas prices continue to rise, new technologies and a great sense of environmental responsibility mean that renewable energy sources will only become more affordable. Fossil fuels will run out over the years, making them more and more expensive.

4) Major benefit of renewable energy: The environment

Of course, one of the main benefits of renewable energy is the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, which in turn helps to combat global warming.
From forest fires in Australia to the unprecedented rate at which the ice caps are melting, we are confronted almost daily with the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels. Not surprisingly, we in Europe have agreed to collectively reduce our emissions and look for more climate-friendly options.

5) Less dependence on energy imports

Normally, the Netherlands imports more energy than it exports. The supply is therefore strongly dependent on other countries. In 1981, for the last time, more electricity was exported than imported. Belgium, too, is highly dependent on energy imports. As much as 95 percent comes from abroad. So both countries are highly dependent on foreign countries and that makes them susceptible to fluctuations in the global demand for energy. When the demand for energy is high, the country pays more for the imported energy. Economically, you are then in a weaker position than the countries from which you import energy.

6) Less fracking!

Fracking means drilling into rock in order to extract oil, natural gas or geothermal heat more easily. Drilling is very controversial. It can cause earthquakes in nearby areas, putting the communities there at risk.

7) Better health

Fossil fuels release many harmful gases into our atmosphere. We all know that. What is less known, or what you might not immediately think of, is that we also live in this polluted air. In the long term, breathing this air can cause respiratory problems, heart attacks, neurological problems, cancer or a combination of other potentially fatal complications. So, in addition to the previously mentioned environmental benefits of renewable energy, it also has a great benefit for our own health.

8) Local communities

More and more cooperatives are forming that jointly provide green energy in a neighbourhood. Through these local projects, the community grows closer together and works together towards a greener future.

9) More jobs

Because green industry is more labour-intensive, you automatically create more jobs. It is estimated that investing in solar energy creates one and a half times as many jobs as extracting fossil fuels.

10) The snowball effect

In addition to the jobs that directly result from investment in the green industry, it will also have a snowball effect. Local businesses and industries benefit along with it. Retrofitting buildings and homes to be more energy efficient creates many jobs.
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