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Self-consumption of green energy: how does it work?

Self-consumption of green energy

The world depends on electricity. But how can we make sure it is not at the expense of our planet? By encouraging self-consumption of green energy and using energy efficiently. And what better time to start than Green January?

What is self-consumption of green energy?

Solar panels and wind turbines usually produce more than enough energy to fully power your home. Often, you will even have energy left over. This surplus goes back into the national grid. This is sometimes unfortunate, since you can use this energy yourself at other times. At times when you need energy, but do not produce your own green energy, you are dependent on the grid. Solar panels do not generate anything in the dark, while that is exactly when you want to switch on a light. That is done with power from the grid.
Self-consumption of green energy means that you use your own generated energy as much as possible. It makes you less dependent on the grid and less energy will be delivered back to the grid. Smart solutions like eddi allow you to benefit from your generated energy first before it goes back to the grid.

Benefits of self-consumption

Self-consumption of green energy has a number of advantages:

  • Your house is fully supplied with a sustainable form of energy
  • You are almost completely self-sufficient and not or less dependent on the grid
  • Your energy bill will be lower

Self-consumption of green energy is only the beginning

By self-consuming green energy, you ensure that no green energy is lost. However, it is still important to use energy efficiently. By consciously looking at your energy use, you can reduce your carbon footprint. By using all energy generated and storing it where it can, we can pollute the earth less.
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What if I want to charge an electric car?

Our intelligent zappi charger is perfect for that! The surplus energy you produce yourself can be used with zappi to power your car to charge. By combining myenergi products with your own green energy, you can contribute to a more sustainable future and save money on your energy bills.