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Harvi: Full control of your energy consumption

harvi - control your energy consumption

Just imagine: You have just installed a system that allows you to use self-generated energy and reduce your carbon footprint. And then what? Of course you want to know how much energy and money you are saving! But how do you do that? Say hello to Harvi. This smart device puts you in control of your energy consumption and allows you to measure your efforts for a better planet.

What is harvi?

harvi is a smart device that allows EV charger zappi and energy diverter eddi to be installed without a wired CT clamp. It is a self-powered wireless sensor, an indispensable part of the installation process that saves time and money. You no longer need unsightly wiring in your interior and can easily gain control over your energy consumption. Thanks to this device, you install myenergi products without a wired CT clamp.
Jordan Brompton, our co-founder and Sales Director, says, "Harvi is the reason why all of our products work so well together. There is no one else on the market that offers as complete a solution for your home energy as we do."

How does it work?

harvi harvests energy and uses it to send the measurement signal to the zappi or eddi. Using a sensor between your meter box and electricity meter, the device is able to import and export information to control systems without the need for batteries or wires.
"Harvi can send signals to your products to indicate which direction the energy is going, and how much you are using. The device can do this purely based on the force field around the cable," Jordan said. "It then harvests energy to recharge itself."
The readings are extremely fast and accurate. It gives you control over your energy use, such as:

  • How much energy you save
  • How much energy you consume
  • Where your energy goes

Control your energy consumption

"If you have solar panels and install an eddi, zappi and harvi, you can completely control the power in your home. For example, you can either power your home with hot water or use the energy to charge your car," Jordan says. "When you use a home battery, we can make sure the power goes to your battery first and only then to our products. You can then see what the battery is doing in our app."
By combining our different products, you have complete control over your energy usage. Want to learn more about the myenergi products? Then take a look at these pages:

Advantages of using harvi

In addition to being able to measure exactly where your energy is going and thus save, harvi has other advantages. The device is enormously versatile and makes installation of our products very easy. The device can be easily attached to the wall for easy access.
Do you want to install several energy devices over a large area? You can have several harvies working together.

What do customers say?

Of course we like to tell you about harvi and its many advantages, but our customers also like to share their opinions:
Hans Harskamp says "I am very satisfied with zappi and harvi. What great electrical products! Myenergi gives good and fast advice." Ewan McLaren describes the device as "a fantastic product," while B.D. Smith says "Excellent device. Harvi sends reliable information to eddi hidden under the floor of the second floor with us."

Discover it yourself

"Our customers are smart, loyal fans of our products and help us make harvi known worldwide," says Jordan. Would you like to use harvi in your home?