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Advantages of charging your electric car at home

Electric car charging at home with smart EV charger zappi

Of course, it is very convenient to park your electric car next door and be able to charge it right away for your next trip. But did you know that charging your electric car at home has even more advantages?

Cheap loading

Charging an electric car at home with the help of a charging station or wallbox is the most economical way to charge. The rate you pay for energy at home is often much lower than what you would pay at a public charging station. Unique to our smart EV charger zappi is that the system can be set to charge at the most advantageous times for you. Do you use flexible energy tariffs? Zappi monitors energy prices 24/7 and thus knows exactly when you can charge at the cheapest rates.

Free driving with your solar energy

Do you have solar panels and thus generate your own power? Zappi can easily make optimal use of this power to charge your electric car. When you charge your electric car at home with your own power, you can drive for free. Of course you pay for the purchase of the solar panels, but the electricity is free. So you drive even cheaper.

Always a place

With a home charging station, you never have to look for a place to charge your electric car or wait at a charging station again. You park your car and connect the charger to your charging station. At zappi, you can specify when you want the car to be charged again. One of the biggest advantages of charging your electric car at home is that you have little to worry about during the charging process. You don't have to wait and can get back in your car in the morning to drive to work.
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