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Insuring a charging station

When you have a charging station installed at your home, you obviously don't want anything to happen to it. It's good to look at your insurance and what is and isn't covered. Is it necessary to insure a charge post? We'll be happy to tell you more about it.

What should I look for when insuring a charging station?

First of all, it is good to know whether damage to your charge point is already covered by one of your existing insurance policies. Check your policy or contact your insurer. It is also good to know how much coverage is available and whether it is sufficient. If necessary, you can still increase the coverage. Whether your charge point is insured or not also depends on the type of home you live in. We explain it further below.
Insuring a charging station

Insuring a charging station with a house

Do you have a house to buy? Then you are often required by your mortgage provider to take out building insurance. This insurance compensates for damage to all items that are permanently connected to your home and the surrounding land. This means that a fixed charge point is also insured. It is advisable to inform your insurer that you have had a new charge point installed. You can also check in your policy whether your coverage is sufficient.

Charging station at an apartment

Do you live in a condominium and have a charging station installed on the property? It is often not necessary to insure your charge post separately. It is often included in the home contents insurance policy under the policy covering owner's interest. In the case of an owner-occupied apartment, the Owners' Association often provides buildings insurance. The coverage may not be sufficient for additional items that you have installed. With the owner's interest policy you have additional coverage on your home contents insurance. You can find out how much coverage this is by asking your insurer. It is a good idea to let your insurer know that you have had a charge point installed.

Charging station at a rental property

In a rental property, you can insure the charging station on the contents insurance as a tenant's interest. Check with your insurer what the coverage is for this.
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