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7 ways to make your business more climate-friendly

Making company more climate-friendly

Together we must ensure that our planet is preserved. We can do something about climate change, but we will have to do it together. This means that we not only make more sustainable choices at home, but also design our company in a more climate-friendly way. How? We will inspire you below.

1) Recycle and use reusable products

You can also make climate-friendly choices within your company. For example, use recycled or reusable materials as much as possible. Think of coffee mugs instead of plastic cups or erasable notebooks instead of paper ones. Make waste separation in the office easier by placing separate bins for old paper and plastic.

2) Use green energy

If possible, consider installing solar panels on the roof of your property. That way, you can generate your own energy in a sustainable way. This not only saves you energy costs, but is also good for the environment. Are you unable (yet) to have solar panels installed? Then consider switching to a green energy supplier.
Another simple way to make your business more climate-friendly is by being energy conscious. Don't leave lights on unnecessarily when no one is in a room and have everyone turn off their computers when they go home. Consider installing motion sensors so that lights turn on and off automatically.
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3) Don't throw away old electronics and furniture

Sometimes an office needs a new look. We understand that. However, there is no need to throw away old furniture and computers. Try to sell them first or take them to a charity shop. Is a computer really finished and no longer usable? Then hand it in at an e-waste collection point, so that the usable materials can be recycled. In this way, you can easily make more climate-friendly choices within your company.

4) Introduce a car pool system

Do several colleagues drive to your office from the same direction? Then encourage them to drive together. That way, you limit CO2 emissions from cars.

5) Encourage public transport and cycling

For employees who live near your office building, it's easy to bike to work. Encourage this by providing secure bike parking or offering discounts on bikes and accessories.
Do your employees live a little farther away? Give them the option of cheaper public transportation.

6) Use of electric cars

If your company offers employees a lease car or drives company vehicles, choose electric versions. That way, they can get around in a more environmentally friendly way. Moreover, as a company, you are also exuding that you care about the climate, which is good for your image.
Consider installing your own charging stations at your business premises. That way you can charge electric cars inexpensively. Do you have employees who charge electric cars? Then they can easily charge their car during working hours for their trip back home. This is how you encourage electric driving.
With zappi you can easily use the energy from your solar panels. This way you make efficient use of your power.

7) Go digital

Choose digital alternatives as much as possible when it is not necessary to put information on paper. Use the printer as little as possible.

A better world by making your business more climate-friendly

When we all make more sustainable choices, we can take better care of our planet. That starts by making your own business more climate-friendly. The more other businesses also see that you are making sustainable choices, the more they will be inspired to do so as well.
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