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Children learn about the climate

Children learn about the climate

Children learn about the consequences of global warming at school. By living more sustainably, we can look forward to a better future. But what does sustainable living really mean? It can be difficult for a child to understand what sustainability is all about and why it is important for the climate. Therefore, we would like to give some tips on how you can teach your children about the climate at home.

Learning about climate in a playful way

A fun, interactive energy game has been devised especially for children aged between 7 and 12: Junior Energy Coach. Through experiments, puzzles and games, you and your children can learn about climate and energy for five weeks. Prefer something that only lasts one day? Go on a discovery tour together in the NEMO science museum in Amsterdam. In NEMO's interactive exhibition 'Energierijk', children can capture as much energy as they can from light, wind and water and then set all kinds of special objects in motion. This interactive exhibition teaches children how sustainable energy works.

Getting creative

Most households still consume quite a lot of plastic. To make your family aware of how much plastic you actually consume and to have a fun craft afternoon at the same time, you can make your own plastic samples. Greenpeace offers a special toolkit on its website with which you can easily make plastic samples. In the meantime, listen to the Plastic Podcast together and you can teach your children about the climate at the same time.

Reading books together

More and more children's book authors want to teach children about the climate. Through imaginative stories and by sharing facts about the environment in a fun way, they make learning fun. There are several children's books available about climate, including our own children's book Sparki and His Journey to Earth. The green alien Sparki goes on a journey to Earth and discovers that his planet is paying much more attention to renewable energy. He thinks that should be possible on Earth too.