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Reduce carbon footprint: 5 tips

Carbon footprint with myenergi

Living greener can help you fight winter depression and save the planet. So what better New Year's resolution than to reduce your carbon footprint? Join Green January to discover how easy it is to become part of a sustainable future.

What is a carbon footprint?

A quick Google search will tell you that a carbon footprint is defined as "the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of an individual, organization or community." But what does that have to do with saving the planet?
Carbon dioxide accounts for 85% of all emissions and has a major impact on global warming. Increased CO2 emissions have a detrimental effect on climate change, greenhouse gases and our health.

How do I calculate my carbon footprint?

All the choices you make in your home, transport, clothing and food have an impact on your carbon footprint. Milieu Centraal developed a calculation tool that allows you to calculate exactly how much CO2 you emit as a person. Measure it yourself.

How do I reduce my carbon footprint?

Is your carbon footprint higher than average or higher than you would like? With these 5 simple tips you can reduce your personal impact on the climate.

  • Insulate your home: Insulating your home helps keep heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer. This means that you are less likely to need the heating or air conditioning system. Also seal seams and cracks so that no heat can escape. Continue to ventilate well to ensure a healthy indoor climate.
  • Use green energy: Energy from renewable sources hardly emits any CO2.
  • Make the most of your green energy: With the help of our smart products like eddi, you can make the most of your self-generated energy.
  • Adjust your diet: Eat vegetarian or vegan more often. When you do not eat meat for just one week, you already save 13.7 kg CO2eq. Meat and milk are responsible for 60% of CO2 emissions from agriculture and animal husbandry. Moreover, by not eating meat, you are also causing animal suffering.
  • Choose local products more often: Buying from your local farmer or local shops more often means that your products don't have to travel as far.
  • Use public transport more often or go on foot: Can you walk or cycle to work or to the shops? That saves unnecessary CO2 emissions. Do you have a longer journey to make? Public transport is more sustainable than driving your car yourself.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint when driving: Switching to an electric car is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint. However, it will not be feasible for everyone immediately. You can also reduce your impact with a petrol or diesel car. Do not drive unnecessarily fast or in the wrong gear. In addition, try to avoid rush hours where possible so that you do not end up in a traffic jam. Also make sure that your tyres are properly inflated.
  • Combine your electric car with zappi: By using our smart charger zappi, you can easily use your green energy to charge your car yourself, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Replace your hallogen and incandescent lamps with LED lighting: LED lamps use up to 85% less energy. It's an easy way to quickly save on your lighting. Also, don't forget to turn off your lights when you're not in a room. Small steps can make a big impact on your carbon footprint.
  • Recycle more: Try to avoid waste as much as possible. If you do have waste, recycle it in the right bin.
  • Opt for re-use and zero waste solutions: Do you still often buy a plastic water bottle for the road? Use a reusable bottle. There are more reusable alternatives than you might think, such as for gift wrapping.

Reduce your carbon footprint step by step

Even small steps have an impact on the climate. At myenergi, we like to help businesses and homeowners save money and save the planet by reducing your energy bills. Would you also like to learn more about how you can build a more sustainable future? Read our inspiration blogs or check out our products.