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Electric family car: Is it possible?

Family electric car

An electric family car, does it even exist? And is it really a convenient solution for a family or would you be better off continuing to drive a gasoline or diesel car?
Most electric cars are available in standard models with 4 or 5 seats. Do you have a larger family? Then the search becomes a little more difficult, but not impossible. There are also cars available for 7 people. Keep in mind that electric family cars generally start at prices from €33,000. The ANWB has compiled a list per price range of which electric cars are available and how many seats the model has.

Advantages of an electric family car

Driving electrically is a clean way of getting from A to B. Unlike a traditional fuel-powered car, an electric car does not emit any pollutants. Unlike a traditional fuel-driven car, an electric car does not emit any pollutants. If you also use green energy to recharge your car, you are already doing something sustainable. Another advantage of an electric family car is that it is cheaper to charge your battery than to fill a tank with fuel. The disadvantage is that the purchase price of such a car is much higher than that of a fuel-powered car. However, cheaper models are appearing on the market and the number of second-hand cars is increasing.

Is an electric family car even possible?

As a parent, a family with young children will often still have to take you everywhere by car. Think of the soccer matches outside their home town, days out to an amusement park or a family vacation to a campsite in France.
In a family, a car is often indispensable. Because of the many trips you make as a parent, many wonder if an electric family car is so convenient. After all, you can' t drive as far with a full battery as you can with a tank of gasoline. It also takes much longer to charge than a tank of gas. Especially with small children who are not keen on standing still for three quarters of an hour at a charging station, this is a challenge. Still, even as a family, with the necessary preparations, you can get on the road well with a family electric car.

What does an electric family car have to meet?

Ideally, a family electric car should have a large range and enough legroom to provide a nice seat for everyone. In addition, a good trunk is also handy to store all the sports gear and suitcases.
Before you head out with your family, you probably already have your hands full at home to get everyone ready on time. Therefore, it is not pleasant if you also have to charge your car first afterwards. Having your own EV charger that you can use at home is therefore ideal. With zappi you can easily ensure that your car is ready for you the morning before your departure with a full battery. Do you have solar panels? Then you can take full advantage of those to charge your car as well.

Before you go

Before you hit the road with your family electric car, it's a good idea to determine your route in advance. See what is the quickest way to your destination and where charging stations can be found. Should the battery run down unexpectedly, it is always helpful to know where you can charge. Are you going to an amusement park or zoo? Check the website to see if the park has special parking spaces for family electric cars. Then while you're visiting the park with your family, you can charge your car right away for the return trip.
Extra tip: Bring plenty of entertainment for the road. Especially for young children, waiting until an electric car is fully charged takes a very long time. Therefore, bring a puzzle book or reading book or let them watch their favorite movie on a tablet. Don't forget their favorite cuddly toy. It can keep them company while waiting.