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Green energy in winter

Green energy in winter

Winter always brings a dilemma: On the one hand, you want to turn on the heating to get nice and warm in your home, but on the other hand, it is less good for the environment and your wallet. Green energy in the winter can offer you a solution to this. Especially if you generate your own energy.
Green energy is becoming increasingly popular, which is good news for climate. Only in winter it is a challenge to produce enough energy yourself. Find out below how our smart devices like eddi, harvi and zappi can help you make the best use of green energy in winter.

Comfortable home

Our innovative eddi helps you to produce green energy at home. It helps you to become independent from the grid. It also helps you to use green energy in the winter to heat your home instead of feeding it back to the grid. In this way, the energy you generate with your own solar panels is not wasted.

Positive impact of green energy in winter

Thanks to climate change's influence on the weather, winters will only get worse and more dangerous for the planet and ourselves. Fossil fuels only reinforce the negative influence. This is why it is so important to use green energy in the winter. From October to March are often the times when we rely heavily on our home heating and turn on our lights more often because it gets darker outside.

Saving energy in winter

Investing in wind energy and solar panels costs money, but it will also earn you money in the end. Your energy bill will be lower. Especially when you take full advantage of your self-generated energy, you can save a lot. Do you generate too little electricity in cold months? Then look for a green energy supplier. That way, you can still use green energy in the winter and reduce your ecological footprint. Just make sure that the power you get is really green.