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myenergi innovates product range again in response to global chip shortage

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The global chip shortage continues to have a negative impact on the tech industry, with myenergi now redesigning its devices in response to the crisis.
Various media are warning of a shortage of products and materials, largely caused by the global chip shortage. This shortage began last year due to a combination of events, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Manufacturers all over the world have been affected, with Apple, Samsung and Tesla just some of the big names that have had to deal with the shortage. Now myenergi had to find a solution to the problem, with the British manufacturer deciding to complete a major product redesign project to address the shortage.
Lead times for some microprocessors are now over 52 weeks, which was a major problem for myenergi as it continues to experience explosive growth.
To future-proof the company and ensure that long-term demand does not outstrip supply, myenergi's team of engineers tackled the looming supply problem and worked around the clock to completely redesign its product range. The modified designs operate on a new, more powerful microprocessor that is not affected by the silicon shortage.

In addition to the increased production of myenergi's zappi, eddi, harvi and hub products, the more powerful microprocessor will enable additional functions over time, giving customers more control over their home energy consumption.
Dr Chris Horne, Chief Technology Officer of myenergi, says: "The global shortage of silicon has led to problems for many sectors worldwide, with ever longer lead times for critical microchips, halting car production, a shortage of consumer goods and huge price increases in computer components, to name but a few.
"As an important part of our products, we had built up stocks to make up for the shortfall and cover our plans to increase production, but we knew this problem would persist for the foreseeable future. In light of this, we acted quickly to change our control platform and complete the project in just three months. We are now in a strong position to meet the increasing demand for our range of efficient energy control products, which continues to grow as the global drive for sustainability and zero emissions gains momentum."
Jordan Brompton, co-founder and CMO of myenergi, added: "We have effectively innovated ourselves out of a challenging situation and have demonstrated the pace and flexibility required to excel in today's rapidly evolving technology landscape. Thanks to the dedication of our R&D department, every product in our range has been redesigned to ensure compatibility with a new, more powerful, lesser-used type of microchip, making our products capable of even more than before, while providing a whole range of additional features and customer benefits."

About myenergi

myenergi is known for designing the world's first solar compatible EV charger - zappi. As well as working as standard to charge electric vehicles, it has optional charging modes to use 100% green energy generated by your own solar panels. With a whole host of carefully designed features to give you full control over your charging experience, it can be linked to the myenergi app to use discounted rates, enable the boost function and provide insightful monitoring data.

About myenergi Benelux

Since mid-2020, myenergi has been represented in the Benelux with its own branch in Maastricht from where distribution and service and support is provided. Partly because of the Brexit, this set-up has proved ideal to allow the brand to experience the same growth in the Benelux too without having to make concessions on delivery times and customer satisfaction. Outside the Benelux, there are also branch offices in Germany (for the DACH countries), Ireland and Australia.