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This is Holland - the recordings and broadcast on RTL4

Since the beginning of 2018, myenergi has been represented in the Benelux by an enthusiastic team of employees, and in particular the zappi has been put on the map as the smartest charging solution in the market. That this has not gone unnoticed is shown by the fact that various media contacted us frequently to create publicity for our products. Numerous media and production companies in the Netherlands and Belgium approach us almost weekly to entice us to advertise with them. The commercial TV stations have also received many offers to present our company in a kind of information commercial. And one of those companies was Z-Works, a content production company for the program "This is Holland". This program is broadcasted on the most watched commercial television station in the Netherlands, RTL4. The first broadcast is on Sunday afternoon, a rerun on the following Saturday.

Production day - Friday 12 March 2020

Our team was well prepared, with clean company clothes and full of expectations for what was to come. Z-works came to us with a cameraman and an editor in the afternoon. And as expected in our little country, the weather didn't want to cooperate that day. So we first recorded the interview in our office, as general manager Marc Zeguers was quite used to it. As a radio presenter in his younger days, he had stood in front of a microphone before and our Youtube explanation and installation videos are all recorded by him. Yet it had to be done a few times again, because you want to give as much information as possible in the shortest time possible. After that, some B-roll shots were made in the warehouse, and we ourselves had taken a good look at our solar panels with a drone that morning.

A beautiful home from a satisfied zappi customer

In order to film an example of the charging process on location at a beautiful villa, we crossed the border. One of our enthusiastic customers wanted to cooperate, and we were allowed to film the installed zappi on his driveway. As said, the weather gods did not want to cooperate, and in the pouring rain we made the necessary footage in one hour.

And then wait for the broadcast

The assembly followed two weeks later, and the result was immediately fantastic. Some minor adjustments were also made without any problems, so we can only speak highly of Z-works. The broadcast was on Sunday 11 in the afternoon, and less than 5 minutes later we had an order in. It could also have been just a coincidence 😉 but it still gave a nice feeling. If you missed the broadcast, you can watch it again below: