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How does the Tesla battery work?

Tesla battery

Tesla's electric cars can cover a distance of 530 kilometres after just one charge. The Tesla battery is enormously powerful. When Elon Musk founded Tesla Motors in 2003, he and his team worked extremely hard to ensure that electric cars are the driving force of the future. They reduce emissions and increase sustainability and renewability. "People think of Tesla as an electric car company, but Tesla's mission is to promote renewable energy" Musk once said. Now that our co-founder (and Elon Musk's biggest fan) Jordan is driving her own Tesla, we think it's the perfect time to answer all your questions about the remarkable Tesla battery.

Tesla battery life

The Tesla Roadster will be the fastest car in the world. It is capable of 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.1 seconds with a top speed above 400 km/h. It has the most impressive range of any electric car and has a range of 1,000 kilometers. To put it in perspective: The greatest range was previously 637 kilometers (Tesla Model S).
The biggest obstacle with electric cars has always been the limited distance that can be traveled. Thanks to the new Tesla, that is no longer a problem. Musk's company has found the most energy dense cells and developed a battery to match.
The lifespan of Tesla batteries are listed in the warranties. Current expectations are:

  • Tesla Model S and Model X: 8 years.
  • Model 3: 8 years 192,000 km, just what comes first.

Tesla battery range
Because of its impressive range, the Tesla is very well known and loved among enthusiastic EV drivers. The current range is:

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Roadster

How does a Tesla battery work?

A Tesla battery is not much different than a battery for your phone or laptop. Tesla batteries use thousands of lithium ion cells to recharge the car. Because they are equipped with a heating system that can keep the battery warm in cool temperatures, Tesla motors are both reliable and capable. Unlike hybrid motors, Tesla batteries must be charged via an external charger. They only work on the battery, which means that the electric motor cannot be charged automatically while you are driving. The small motor in the car uses the energy stored in the battery to move the car.

How long does it take to recharge the Tesla battery?

A Tesla battery can be fully charged within an hour and a half thanks to the Superchargerthe world's fastest charging network.

Most efficient, environmentally friendly way to charge your Tesla

The most sustainable way to charge your electric car is through renewable energy that you generate yourself at home. How do you achieve that? With the help of zappi, our innovative EV charger. Zappi can be easily installed at your home. The intelligent device uses the energy you generate yourself from your solar panels or wind turbine to charge your electric car. By using your own, green power, you reduce your carbon footprint and dependence on the grid.