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Sparki and the journey to Earth | Our new children's book

Advantages of renewable energy, sparki

The children's book Sparki is ready! We are proud to share that we at myenergi have created our own children's book, courtesy of our co-founder and mother Jordan. The green alien Sparki goes on a green journey to Earth. Jordan says: "Hhe mission is to teach the next generation about renewable energy and electrification. To that end, this book is the perfect gift for your little eco-warrior who will determine the future of our planet".

Who is Sparki?

Sparki is a friendly green alien who lives on a distant planet in another galaxy. His home planet is not only beautiful, but also peaceful. When he is happy, his belly turns a bright pink colour. This gives the spaceship strength. So what makes him happy? Learning about his favourite planet: Earth. You can probably imagine how happy he is to visit our planet on an intergalactic voyage. 
When the jolly alien arrives on Earth, he is impressed by the natural beauty of our planet. But he also sees that we are a bit behind his own planet when it comes to sustainability and renewable energy. Thus begins his first adventure in this myenergi children's book series. Jordan says: "When we created the character, I immediately saw a story developing around him. Teaching children about green energy generation and charging electric cars is so important. We all have the power of the wind, sun and ocean available, so why not use it? That's what I'm trying to teach kids."

Order your copy!

Sparki and the Journey to Earth' - the first book in the Sparki series - is now available! Follow Sparki together with your children on his adventure by buying your copy here.