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myenergi wins top award at Auto Trader New Car Awards

Auto Trader Award myenergi zappi

Highest rating for home chargers

The myenergi zappi, Britain's best-selling eco-smart EV charging station, was awarded Best Home Charger at the Auto Trader New Car Awards on June 15, 2023. Based on feedback from more than 220,000 electric car owners, zappi received the highest rating for home chargers.

With responses submitted via an online survey, zappi achieved high scores on 16 criteria, ranging from reliability and performance to appearance, cost and overall user satisfaction. Respondents were impressed with zappi's eco-smart solar compatibility, as well as the technical support they received from the customer service team.

Jordan Brompton, co-founder and CMO of myenergi, commented as follows: "The fact that zappi has been recognized as Best Home Charger shows that electric vehicle owners truly appreciate the care and attention we put into every myenergi product - a testament to our great team within the company dedicated to delivering great products for our customers."

"At myenergi, our mission is to change the way people interact with energy, with a diverse range of technologies designed to improve sustainability and minimize dependence on the power grid. Since launching our first-generation zappi charging station, we have installed hundreds of thousands of devices around the world. Despite this rapid growth, however, we have remained true to our promises of outstanding performance, outstanding customer service and unparalleled reliability."

Erin Baker, Editorial Director at Auto Trader, added, "It's clear that electric vehicle owners love their myenergi chargers, with users ranking them the best in the category for the Auto Trader Home Charger of the Year Award. Myenergi earned the highest score in overall satisfaction, with owners praising the easy installation and value for money of myenergi home chargers. Congratulations, myenergi."

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