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Subsidy for the electric car

Subsidy for the electric car

As an individual in the Netherlands, when you purchase an all-electric passenger car or a private lease car, you may be eligible for the Subsidy for Electric Cars for Individuals (SEPP). What does this electric car subsidy entail? And what conditions must I meet? We would like to answer those questions in this article.
The electric car subsidy is valid for new and used electric passenger cars from the smaller or compact middle class. This scheme is in effect in the Netherlands and can be applied for once, provided you meet the conditions. In Belgium, until 2020, there was a zero-emission premium that encouraged the purchase of electric cars. This premium has since been abolished.

Conditions for the subsidy of the electric car

The website of Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) lists the conditions you must meet to qualify for the electric car subsidy. For example, the passenger car you purchase must be 100% electric with a range of at least 120 kilometers. The list price must not be less than €12,000 and not more than €45,000. In addition, it may not be a converted car and the car must have been produced as an electric car.
Are you unsure if the electric car you have your eye on qualifies for the subsidy? Then check out the list of importers and dealers whose vehicles are definitely eligible.

Apply for subsidy

Electric driving is becoming increasingly popular. Not surprisingly, many people are applying for the electric car subsidy. As a result, the available budget is quickly running out. For 2021 there is already no budget left. From January 2022 you can apply for subsidies again.
The good is news is that in 2022 there will be three times as much budget available, providing opportunities to apply for electric car subsidies. Due to the declining purchase prices of electric cars, the subsidy is lower though: €3,350 instead of the planned €3,700. The subsidy for used cars does remain € 2,000.
Please note that the purchase or lease agreement of the car must be concluded in the same calendar year in which you apply for the subsidy. If this is not the case, you will not be eligible for the SEPP. Thus, to apply for the electric car subsidy in 2022, you must have entered into a purchase or lease agreement on or after Jan. 1, 2022. The date you enter into the purchase or lease agreement is leading. The electric passenger car must also not be in your name before January 1, 2022.