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Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm: The World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

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Did you know that the UK will soon be home to the world’s largest offshore wind farm? That’s right, when construction is completed in early 2020, the highly anticipated Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm will provide clean electricity to 1 million UK homes.

Spanning over 400 square kilometres, Hornsea One is positioned just off the Hull and Grimsby coast, not too far away from myenergi HQ.

What you need to know about Hornsea One OffShore Wind Farm:

  • Hornsea One will feature 174 wind turbines
  • Each wind turbine will stand at 190m tall, making it over twice the size of Grimsby Dock Tower and 35m taller than the Humber Bridge’s towers.
  • The blades of the turbines have a circumference of 75 metres.
  • Hornsea One will provide power to over one million UK homes.
  • The structure includes the longest ever powerline (900km cable route).
  • It has a power capacity of 1.2 GW.

When was Hornsea One announced?

Work has been ongoing on the Hornsea One construction for the last few years, with initial plans from Orsted stemming back to 2010.

Orsted are the Danish renewable energy company in charge of the project. Their mission, much like ours, is to “create a world that runs entirely on green energy.”

When will the Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm be completed?

Hornsea One is set for completion in Q1 of 2020.

Orsted do know a thing or two about this sort of project, having invested £12 billion in the sector, creating 25 offshore wind farms across the globe!

Why is more money being invested in offshore wind farms?

In March 2019, the UK government pledged to provide a third of all UK electricity via offshore wind farms by 2030. This promise was “part of the government’s ambition to make the UK a global leader in renewables with more investment potential than any other country in the world”.

Countries all over the world are looking to cut down their emissions and focus on renewable energy. Through producing cleaner, more sustainable power, decision-makers are hoping the damaging effects of climate change and global warming will be reduced.

Wind power, alongside solar panels, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity and biomass, are all viable and increasingly popular alternatives to fossil fuels that have caused so much damage to our environment.

How do Offshore Wind Farms work?

Renewable, sustainable and clean, offshore wind farms tick all of the boxes. They generate power by using the high forces of the wind on the seas. 

The wind is much more powerful on the ocean due to the lack of barriers, and this power is transported via a generator, which converts the kinetic energy of the turbines into electricity. This electricity is then transmitted through cables into a distribution network before finding its way into our homes.

Just how powerful is Hornsea One?

A single rotation of just one of Hornsea One’s turbines can power the average home for 24 hours. When it’s complete and fully functioning, all 174 turbines of Hornsea One will be able to power over 1 million homes in the UK.

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