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Commercial EV charger

zappi means business

zappi’s commercial mode links chargers to various EV management solutions, enabling pay-per-charge, expense tracking, fleet management, and more.

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Guest charging

Installing zappi facilitates convenient EV charging, providing an opportunity to monetise chargers for added revenue without managing or covering increased electricity usage.


Ensure EV guests have charging options by offering complimentary or pay-per-use facilities, or even renting out spaces, all managed seamlessly through your chosen front desk EV management system.


Landlords managing various properties can leverage government EV ChargePoint grants to install infrastructure for their tenants’ charging needs.

Destination parking

Destination carparks can enhance revenue and support facility upkeep by installing charge points, benefiting various stops like hospitality venues and retailers.

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fleet management mobile

Fleet Management

Maximise the value of going electric and efficiently manage your EV fleet’s sustainability with zappi, seamlessly integrating battery health, range, and charging infrastructure into standard fleet management metrics.

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Load balancing

Dynamic Load Balancing simplifies deploying multiple zappi EV chargers on-site, ensuring safe and convenient electricity distribution, protecting your supply and fuse board.

Remote access

Control each zappi remotely through your chosen management platform. There’s no need to visit the unit, you can make changes to settings and pricing whenever and wherever you are.

Simplify expenses

Effortlessly monitor all EV charger usage via your chosen platform, seamlessly switch between work and personal use with the Dual PIN feature, and achieve clearer fleet oversight for effective cost management.

Company car charging at home

Benefit from zappi’s dual-PIN functionality, enabling employees to effortlessly report expenses for company-related charging and maintain clear separation for personal use charging.

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Staff benefit

Offer your staff an electrifying perk with on-site vehicle charging, encouraging and supporting the adoption of zero-emission vehicles. This benefit allows your team to charge their vehicles while working, ensuring they can head home at 5 pm without detours to a petrol station.

Lower fuel costs

Significantly cut company fuel expenses by transitioning to electric vehicles, potentially saving over £600 per vehicle annually when charging during working hours. Boost savings further by integrating solar panels for free daytime charging and taking advantage of lower energy rates for overnight vehicle charging.

Expense tracking

No more lost fuel receipts! Effortlessly manage fleet costs with zappi, OCPP enabled for seamless integration with popular fleet management software, simplifying oversight of multiple charging stations for remote workers at home or vehicles in the depot, enabling easy workplace EV charging.

workplace charging mobile

Workplace charging

Embrace your company’s commitment to sustainability while assisting employees in saving both money and the environment through workplace charging.

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Workplace charging scheme

Under the Workplace Charging Scheme, companies can receive a discount of £350 for each charger installed, with a maximum of 40 claims. This government initiative has the potential to save businesses up to £14,000 in the process of electrifying their premises for EVs.

The allocation of these claims can be customised to suit the specific infrastructure needs of your business. Typical examples could be, installing a single charger at 40 different locations if you own numerous Airbnb’s, distributing 5 chargers across 8 locations if you’re a multi branch retailer, or concentrating 40 chargers at a single location if you have a large fleet compound, as long as it doesn’t exceed 40 chargers.

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How much could you save by switching to electric?

Why not give our EV calculator a spin? Just pick your vehicle and see the potential savings!

Petrol 10,000 miles at £1.41/litre, averaging 36 MPG.

Electric 10,000 miles charging on a flat rate tariff costing £0.27p/kWh.

Charging with the intelligence of zappi

Potential savings

Cost to charge off-peak

Cost to charge off-peak and solar

Display cost to charge

Per charge

*Petrol annual cost based on 10,000 miles at £1.41/litre. Electric annual cost based on 10,000 miles charging on a flat rate tariff costing £0.27p/kWh. Off-peak tariff based on Octopus Intelligent Go’s time-of-use pricing at 7.5p/kWh. Pricing of tariffs varies by region. Costs shown do not include any additional charges (such as standing charge) or discounts. Assuming 25% of your car battery is charged with solar. Cost projections exclude any export payments. These calculations are based on the manufacturer’s NEDC figures. Your mileage and performance may vary based on the weather, your driving style and type of route driven.

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