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Self-Consumption of Green Energy: How Does It Work?

Self-Consumption of Green Energy

There is no denying that our world depends on electricity.

But how can we make sure that our reliance on it doesn’t come at the cost of our planet?

By embracing self-consumption and energy efficiency.

What is self-consumption?

More often than not, solar panels (or solar photovoltaic technology) and wind turbines will produce more than enough energy to keep your home fully powered. This surplus energy gets sent back to the national grid – even if it exceeds your export tariff.

To counter this, self-consumption lets you keep all of the energy you produce, therefore reducing your reliance on the grid and the amount of wasted power you send back to it. With a self-consumption system such as our innovative eddi device, electricity will be diverted back into your house before it goes out to the national grid.

The benefits of self-consumption

The main benefit of using a self-consumption system is that you will be almost entirely self-sufficient. You won’t need to send your electricity to the grid, nor will you have to rely on it when power is no longer being produced due to nighttime or poor weather.

An additional benefit is that this means your bills will drop too. Without taking power from the grid, you are no longer being charged for the electricity you already had but were unable to store.

Self-consumption is just the beginning

While self-consumption means you don’t waste any of the green energy you are producing, it is just as important to make sure that you are using your power efficiently.

Energy efficiency is a natural step to helping improve our carbon footprint.

By utilising all of our generated power, and saving it where possible, we are creating less waste and lowering the demand for extra energy production from the grid – which could be coming from damaging sources such as fossil fuels.

What if I need to power an electric car?

Our intelligent zappi electric car charger is perfect for this! If you have an electric car, our innovative zappi device can charge it from the surplus of your solar and wind generation. With three different settings, the charging current automatically responds to your household’s power consumption.

With a combination of self-consumption and energy efficiency – and the help of myenergi products – you can become a huge part of building a sustainable future and save money on your energy bills!

Interested in a self-consumption system?

If you use solar panels or wind turbines and you would like to adopt or enhance your self-consumption strategy, get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about our products, cut bills and use cleaner energy!