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Our List of Green Energy Suppliers in the UK

our green energy suppliers

35.9% of the power generated in the UK was renewable in 2022, according to a recent report. The question is, are you part of the 35.9% helping to save our planet, or is your home contributing to the climate crisis?

It is our mission to get that number up to 100%, but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we need green energy suppliers in the UK.

Renewable energy, also known as green energy, is produced via sources that are far less damaging to the environment than fossil fuels. The likes of gas and coal power are huge contributing factors to global warming, an issue that is killing our precious home.

The good news is that, at myenergi, we are joined by many energy providers in expanding the UK’s renewable energy usage and reducing our nation’s reliance on the grid.

Follow our steps and guidance to ensure your home is powered by green, renewable energy to ensure you’re reducing your carbon footprint and tracking your energy usage.

What is a green energy supplier?

A green energy supplier is a company that generates the power it provides for its customers’ homes via renewable sources such as:

Independent renewable energy providers

As mentioned earlier, 35.9% of the National Grid is green, with 42.3% made up of gas and nuclear and the remainder coal and oil.

Independent companies have led the charge in green energy from the grid for a while now, with the likes of Octopus Energy, Shell and Ecotricityproving popular choices.

Ecotricity is the UK’s largest green supplier, their electricity is 100% green – made from the sun and the wind. They generate about 20% of it themselves and the rest is certified green energy we buy from other green generators or via the wholesale market.

Octopus Energy, meanwhile, boast that all of their smart tariffs feature 100% renewable electricity and no exit fees, they are starting to lead the charge in the race for renewables and are the only electricity supplier approved by Which?.

Large suppliers offering green energy

If you would prefer to go with a longer-standing energy provider, some of the larger suppliers offer renewable power.

This relatively new offering likely stemmed from the increased attention and publicity the climate crisis campaign has received in the press, alongside the many companies offering green, renewable energy products.

You can now ask for renewable energy from the following providers:

Self-consume your own renewable energy

Those of you who really want to make a big step towards sustainability and the renewable sector should seriously consider generating your own green energy. You’ll even be able to grab some free and green miles with our zappi ev charger

Installing solar panels or a wind turbine can tremendously reduce your bills, as well as your reliance on the grid. This, together with our innovative eddi power diverter – which seriously reduces the risk of wasted energy – will make your home much more sustainable and better for the environment.

For more green energy guidance and advice, don’t hesitate to contact our Green Team or explore our blog.