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Octopus Energy EV tariff and zappi partnership

Octopus Energy EV tariff and zappi partnership

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Octopus Energy has a new tariff aimed at EV drivers, which could make electric vehicle charging 70% cheaper than the typical Big 6 rates – and 10 times cheaper than the same mileage with fossil fuels.

Octopus Energy Go is the first “time of use” tariff designed specifically for EV drivers, giving four hours a night at a rate of 5p/kWh. A charge – or most of the required charge – can be scheduled to be carried out during these hours for low charging costs. Octopus Energy calculates that is on average 25% cheaper than a typical Economy 7 tariff’s night rates.

The new Octopus Energy Go has also partnered with MyEnergi to bring customers “automatic cheap time charge” using the smart Zappi charge point. OE Zappi buyers will automatically have their EV charged during the cheapest four hours overnight – unless the driver overrides it to complete a charge sooner.

Octopus Energy’s Director of Product Rebecca Dibb-Simkin said: “Octopus is passionate about driving the UK’s switch to electric vehicles. We’re delighted to use our innovative tech both to offer the cheapest average kWh charge in the market AND enable your car to automatically charge itself, a brilliant way to unlock those electric car savings.”

Jordan Brompton, Business Development Manager at MyEnergi, commented: “Entering into a project with Octopus Energy, who share our passion and beliefs in developing the growth of the EV market, is yet another positive step in the right direction.

“To be at the forefront of the EV revolution providing the greenest EV charger on the market, alongside a widely recognised green energy flag-bearer such as Octopus Energy, indicates our intention to support the transition towards a greener and more sustainable future.”

To complement the new tariff, Octopus Energy has also launched a new business – Octopus Electric Vehicles – to try and help make it easier for potential EV buyers to make the switch. Part of the launch will see Octopus Electric Vehicles head on a tour of the UK, taking a selection of EVs, a lease deal, smart charger, 100% renewable energy, and free helpline as a bundle to different parts of the country.