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Fast EV charging stations to be installed up and down motorways by 2025

Brace yourselves for a greener future!

myenergi is overjoyed to announce that the European Union (EU) has taken a monumental stride towards eco-friendliness. The EU Parliament has enacted a law that by 2025, EV fast charging stations will be installed across all significant transport corridors. This is a clear victory for the green revolution, and it’s one that perfectly aligns with our mission here at myenergi.

This audacious, yet crucial strategy is designed to speed up the transition to electric vehicles, shrinking the EU’s carbon footprint in the process. This initiative is perfectly aligned with the EU’s commitment to adhere to the Paris Climate Agreement, and we wholeheartedly believe it will transform the landscape of the automobile industry.

Let’s delve into the details of this landmark law.

It mandates that EV fast charging stations are to be installed every 60 km on highways, ensuring no major road in the region is devoid of easy access to EV charging. This eliminates a considerable hurdle to EV adoption – range anxiety, providing a significant boost to electric vehicle transition. The readily available, fast-charging stations will facilitate impromptu charging, speedy contactless payments, and longer, anxiety-free EV journeys.

Here at myenergi, we can’t help but celebrate this forward-thinking legislation.

“This EU mandate is a total game-changer, one that fits snugly with our ethos of nurturing a sustainable future. It won’t just ramp up the prevalence and accessibility of EVs, but also catalyse our journey towards collective environmental objectives,” – Jordan Brompton.

Jordan went on to say, “The integration of EV fast chargers along all key transport arteries is a bold statement of the EU’s resolve to confront climate change head-on. We think it’s a phenomenal leap forward for eco-friendly mobility, and we’re thrilled to be part of this game-changing journey.”

In summary, this law lays a robust groundwork for the European Union’s sustainable future, casting a hopeful light for green tech companies like ours, EV manufacturers, and above all, our beautiful planet. As more legislation emerges to foster green technology, we can look forward to a seismic shift towards a more sustainable world.

Buckle up, the journey’s just beginning!

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