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How to charge the Volkswagen ID 4

Where is the charging port on the VW ID 4?

The location of the WV ID 4 is important, unlike pulling up at a fuel station where you can select the pump based on the fuel cap location. If you’re looking to install a home EV charger then you will need to be sure this will easily reach the location of your charging port on your electric car. The VW ID 4 charging point is located on the back of the passenger side of the car.

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Can I charge the VW ID 4 at home?

The VW ID 4 uses a Type 2 charger which is a typical home EV charger.

The zappi is compatible with the WV ID 4 providing three levels of charging based on your unique requirements and schedule. You can opt from eco, eco+ and fast charging to ensure your VW ID 4 is charged to the right level as and when you need it. Fast charging will charge your car directly from your own solar panels or from the grid as quickly as possible.

Whereas eco-charging is best used overnight when the costs of electricity are typically lower and off-peak. This type of charging will take longer, but will ensure your car is ready to go come the morning as cheap as possible!

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What charger does the VW ID 4 use?

All VW electric cars come equipped with a Type 1, 120-volt charger.

This works well for occasional or emergency use, but isn’t ideal to be charging your vehicle on the regular. Using this type of charger can be both costly and could take up to 50 hours to fully charge.

Typically, owners opt for purchasing a Type 2 charger. The WV ID 4 is equipped with a Type 2 connector for charging, which can be used at home, work, or public charging points across the UK.

How much does it cost to charge the VW ID 4?

The cost of charging any EV always depends on a number of factors. From the type of charger used, location, and setting used. For example, rapid charging will typically cost more than eco charging done off-peak. However, if you’re looking to calculate the average cost of charging your VW ID 4 at home, this is around £20-£22 from empty to full.

What is the range on the VW ID 4?

The range on the VW ID 4 is one of the better ones of the EV range, topping 310 miles.

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