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Tesla Model X 75D

On Average £79,400
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Tesla Model X 75D Charging Guide

Distinguished by its all-electric power and sophisticated presence, the Tesla Model X redefines the luxury SUV sector. It boasts an arresting combination of agility, style, and innovative elements that distinguish it from the rest.

The hallmark falcon-wing doors are more than just a design statement; they underscore Tesla’s dedication to environmental stewardship, progressive automation, and remarkable driving dynamics.

How to charge the Tesla Model X 75D?

The convenience of charging your Tesla Model X 75D complements its adaptable nature. The Tesla Model X can be charged using a home EV charger, or the Tesla Supercharger Network.

Park near the charger and open the charge port located on the rear driver’s side taillight by pressing the button on the charging handle. Insert the charging plug, and monitor the charging progress either on the car’s touchscreen or via the Tesla app. Once charging is complete, press the button on the handle to release the connector, remove it, and ensure the charge port door is closed.

How much does the Tesla Model X 75D cost?

Securing a Tesla Model X 75D involves an outlay commencing from roughly £79,400*. This investment reflects its elite positioning within the electric SUV category, ensuring an extraordinary blend of opulent space, refined interiors, and cutting-edge technological amenities.

This price point designates the Model X as a vehicle of choice for those pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle without compromising on elegance or societal standing.

*prices correct as of November 2023.

How fast is the Tesla Model X 75D?

Velocity is a key virtue of the Tesla Model X. The SUV’s top-tier variant catapults from standstill to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds, placing it on par with some of the world’s fastest supercars.

Such swift motion is powered by Tesla’s sophisticated electric drivetrain, which offers immediate power delivery for an exhilarating ride.

Is the Tesla Model X 75D fully automated?

The Tesla Model X comes fitted with a sophisticated suite of autopilot functionalities, marking it as one of the market’s most advanced in terms of driving assistance. However, it has not reached the pinnacle of complete automation.

The vehicle’s capabilities include support for navigation, cruise control adaptation, and parking guidance. These semi-autonomous technologies necessitate the driver’s vigilant oversight and are expected to advance as the technology matures.

How much does the Tesla Model X 75D weigh?

At approximately 5,185 pounds (2,352 kilograms) for the Long Range model, the Tesla Model X carries the significant heft of its substantial battery pack, a core component of any electric vehicle.

This mass is indicative of the SUV’s solid build and comprehensive safety mechanisms, alongside batteries that afford a generous range.

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