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Tesla Model S 60

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Tesla Model S 60 Charging Guide

In the realm of electric vehicles, the Tesla Model S stands as a paragon, a harmonious blend of luxury, high performance, and cutting-edge technology. Since its debut, the Model S has continually redefined expectations for what an electric car can be, combining breathtaking acceleration and unparalleled range with a suite of luxury features and Tesla’s signature futuristic appeal.

The Tesla Model S isn’t just about getting from point A to B; it’s about the journey, the innovation, and the experience. This vehicle, a beacon of Tesla’s ingenuity, offers an unrivalled electric driving experience. With its sleek, aerodynamic design and an interior that combines comfort with high-tech functionality, the Model S appeals to those who seek both style and substance in their vehicle.

Can I charge a Tesla Model S 60 at home?

With Tesla supercharging points becoming increasingly more common, it’s easy to forget that charging your electric vehicle at home is a cost-effective, sustainable solution. With an EV charger such as zappi, you can use excess energy from your home solar panels to charge the model S to keep your EV even more environmentally friendly than ever before.

If opting to charge your Model S at home overnight, you may also be eligible for a reduced rate on your electric tariff, which makes charging your EV overnight extra appealing.

How much does the Tesla Model S 60 cost?

A brand new Tesla model S starts at around £56,000* with an estimated on the road cost of closer to £80,000*. However, Tesla has a seemingly endless list of modifications, upgrades and extras which can be added on for a cost which can exceed £140,000*. The Tesla Model S 60 is no longer available to buy new. However, there are a number of reasonably priced used models of the Tesla Model S 60 available to buy.

This price does put the Tesla model S as one of the most expensive electric cars on the market. However, with a massive range to choose from an incredible attention to detail in every aspect of this car, it’s easy to see why it is so popular.

*prices correct as of November 2023.

Is the Tesla Model S 60 reliable?

With up to 4 years vehicle warranty and up to 8 years battery life guarantee, even without the reliable reputation of Tesla you can be sure your the model S will be reliable.

Even on a used model S , Tesla offers up to a one year warranty or the remainder of the initial 4 year warranty whichever is longer.

Does the Tesla Model S 60 have free supercharging?

Although some Tesla models can include some free SuperCharing, this is not for the lifetime of the car and usually comes as an extra or with the top end models. With the growing popularity of Tesla in general, the company reduced the number of unlimited, free Supercharging which once came as standard.

Tesla users will need to check their Tesla App under “Specs and Warranty” to find out how much free supercharging they qualify for, after which they will be charged at a standard rate which fluctuates but can be around 69p/kWh. Regular Supercharging users can choose to pay a monthly subscription which will allow them to pay a reduced price of 50p/kWh.

Does the Tesla Model S 60 have air suspension?

Yes. When the Tesla model S starts, you may hear the sound of the compressor as the air suspension system’s reservoir fills with air. Although the Smart Air Suspension was an optional extra for the model S in 2014, it became standard in all models released after 2017.

The purpose of Adaptive Air Suspension offers the driver the choice between a softer or firmer ride based on their preferences as well as offering a more level height between the front and rear when carrying loads.

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