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Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus LFP

On Average £40,990
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Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus LFP charging guide

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus LFP is redefining the electric vehicle landscape, offering an impressive combination of efficiency, design, and performance that caters to a diverse audience of automotive enthusiasts.

As a hallmark of progressive automotive design and a nod to environmentally friendly practices, the Model 3 seamlessly embodies Tesla’s dedication to propelling the global shift towards sustainable transportation.

How to charge the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus LFP?

The convenience of charging your Tesla Model 3 Performance complements its adaptable nature. Home charging solutions, such as the recommended zappi charger, can fully replenish your battery overnight, ensuring daily commutes and errands are always within reach.

For those venturing further, Tesla’s Supercharger network is at your disposal, providing up to 250 miles of range in just a quarter-hour, ensuring your journey continues with minimal delay.

How much does the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus LFP cost?

Starting at an accessible price point of around £40,990*, the Tesla Model 3 Performance presents a remarkable balance between affordability and advanced technology.

This entry-level price point does not skimp on the high standards of quality and performance expected from Tesla, instead offering an invitation to experience cutting-edge automotive innovation.

*prices correct as of November 2023.

Is the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus LFP fast?

Speed is in the Tesla Model 3’s DNA, with the Performance variant capable of a staggering 0 to 60 mph sprint in approximately 3.1 seconds. This alacrity places it in league with top-tier sports cars, yet it’s delivered with the practicality of an all-electric sedan.

The impressive range of up to 215 miles per charge ensures that this swift sedan also excels in endurance, ready to tackle long distances with ease.

Embracing the road ahead

The Tesla Model 3 stands as a beacon of accessible sustainability, meshing the exhilaration of high-speed travel with the tranquillity of silent, emission-free motoring. It’s a car that delivers an invigorating driving experience, state-of-the-art technology, and a conscientious approach to the environment.

Those who value pioneering technology, remarkable efficiency, and rapid transit will find the Model 3 to be an exceptional travel companion, heralding a more exciting and eco-friendly driving era.

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