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Renault Zoe R90

On Average £19,845
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This electric vehicle is not available for sale
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Renault Zoe R90 Charging Guide

Despite being one of the more affordable electric vehicles on the market, the Renault Zoe doesn’t compromise on driving range. Despite being on the market for just over a decade, Renault has continued to make improvements to the Zoe to keep up with industry advancements.

As well as improving the mileage from a single charge, Renault has also been working hard to ensure the infotainment console has evolved with each new release to keep it in line with its competitors.

Renault Zoe | myenergi

Can you charge Renault Zoe at home?

As with most electric vehicles, choosing to charge your car at home is not only one of the easiest methods of keeping your car charged but also the most cost effective. By choosing to use a home EV charger with the Renault Zoe, you can take advantage of cheaper charging rates when compared to using public charging points.

Renault Zoe | myenergi

How much is the battery lease on Renault Zoe?

There are two options when it comes to acquiring a battery for your Renault Zoe, you can either hire the battery from £25 per month* or you can buy the battery outright. There is now also the option to ‘full purchase’ the Renault Zoe whivh means you can choose to fully own the vehicle and the battery.

*price correct as of December 2023.

Renault Zoe | myenergi
How long does a Renault Zoe last?

As with any car purchase, there is no guarantee on exactly how long the vehicle will last as this is dependent on many factors including driving styles and vehicle upkeep. That being said, Renault does offer an 8-year warranty on it’s batteries as standard as well as a 3-year warranty and 3 years of roadside assistance as standard.

Renault Zoe | myenergi
How to open the Renault Zoe bonnet?

First, make sure that the ignition is switched off and your vehicle isn’t charging. Any work under the bonnet should be completed with the car switched off an unplugged.

To open the Renault Zoe’s bonnet, you need to pull handle 1 which is located on the left-hand side of the dashboard. You will then need to lift the bonnet by several centimetres and push lever 2 to the left.

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