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Polestar 2 Long Range Performance

On Average £54,550
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Polestar 2 Long Range Performance Charging Guide

In a world where the automotive industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards sustainability and electrification, the Polestar 2 emerges as a beacon of innovation and sophistication. This remarkable electric vehicle not only challenges conventional norms but also redefines what it means to drive an electric car.

At the heart of the Polestar 2 is a commitment to harmonising electric elegance with performance excellence. Its sleek Scandinavian design is a testament to the brand’s minimalist yet striking aesthetic, offering a refined exterior that effortlessly blends form and function. With clean lines, sculpted contours, and an unmistakable presence, the Polestar 2 makes a bold statement on the road, showcasing the future of automotive design.

Can I charge the Polestar 2 Long Range Performance at home?

Yes! Charging your Polestar 2 Long Range Performance electric vehicle at home provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution. With some EV chargers, such as zappi, you can harness the power of your home’s resources, including solar panels, to charge your Polestar 2 and maintain an environmentally conscious approach to EV ownership.

EV owners can also opt for specific EV charging tariffs such as Octopus Go or Octopus Intelligent energy tariffs, you can reap the benefits of reduced off-peak rates which make owning your Polestar 2 even better value.

How much is the Polestar 2 Long Range Performance?

With a price range starting from £54,550* for the basic model and climbing to £69,025* for the top of the range with all the added extras, it’s pretty cheap in comparison to other brands of a similar standard.

With its parent company, Volvo, scoring much higher in reliability than Tesla and an incredible 5-star NCAP safety score the Polestar 2 seems like a steal.

*Prices correct as of November 2023.

Who makes Polestar vehicles?

Although Volvo is the official parent company of Polestar, they are a standalone Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer.

Initially, Polestar was destined to rival the Mercedes AMG as a performance brand but Volvo cleverly chose to redirect its vision to create a separate brand focused on sustainability.

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