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Fisker Ocean One

On Average £60,880
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Fisker Ocean | myenergi

Fisker Ocean One Charging Guide

Despite being a newer car manufacturer, having been founded in 2016, Fisker are making waves with their elegant designs and clever use of technology. Fisker have worked hard to develop a range of electric vehicles including the Fisker Ocean which was designed to take full advantage of the Californian sun.

From its revolutionary solar-harnessing roof, which can provide up to 1,500 miles of clean solar energy per year, to its unique “California Mode” which allows all 8 panes of glass to simultaneously open and transform the Ocean from an SUV into a convertible. The Fisker Ocean is a unique vehicle with plenty of boot room to fit even a surf board.

Fisker Ocean | myenergi

How can I charge the Fisker Ocean?

As with most EV car owners, one of the simplest ways to charge is at home using a home EV charging kit. What makes home charging the most popular choice for many, is the financial saving as well as the ease of simply plugging in your car and leaving it to charge overnight as you might do a mobile phone.

Fisker Ocean can also be charged using fast charging stations which can be found in some public spaces. However, choosing to use fast charging can cause your battery to deteriorate at a quicker rate. There are also many public charging points which will offer charging for a price which is often higher than what you might pay at home.

Fisker Ocean | myenergi

Who makes Fisker Ocean cars?

Fisker is an American company founded by Henrik Fisker, a Danish automotive designer who previously worked for BMW, Ford and Aston Martin. Although these cars were originally designed with the idea of driving around Californian beaches, they are assembled in Austria.

Fisker Ocean | myenergi
How big is the Fisker Ocean?

With a length of 4.77m and a width of just under 2m, the Fisker Ocean is slightly longer and wider than the Tesla Model Y. With an impressive boot space of just over 812l, the Fisker Ocean is designed to fit the whole family and their surfboards.

Fisker Ocean | myenergi
How to buy the Fisker Ocean.

Currently there are no UK showrooms, meaning that if you want to get your hands on the Fisker Ocean you will have to choose from their pre-configured models or configuring your own for UK delivery. As Fisker is very new to the UK, there are limited pre-configured models to choose from and the wait time can be up to 4 months for your own configuration.

Fisker Ocean | myenergi
When is the Fisker Ocean available to buy?

Fisker is already available to purchase in the UK and in many other countries also. The company has plans to increase production of its vehicles by the end of the first quarter of 2024, meaning you might not have to wait as long to start seeing the Fisker Ocean on the roads as you might think.

That being said, you can currently only order the Extreme model of the Fisker Ocean in the UK which does come with a higher price tag than the entry-level models. This also means that it comes with lots of added extras like the SolarSky roof and various modes to make the driving experience more enjoyable for both driver and passengers.

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