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BMW i7 xDrive60

On Average £113,970
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BMW i7 | myeneergi

BMW i7 xDrive60 Charging Guide

The BMW i7 is not just another addition to BMW’s lineup; it’s a reflection of the brand’s visionary approach to the future of mobility. This electric sedan harmoniously melds the brand’s century-old ethos of ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ with cutting-edge sustainable technologies.

As an evolution within BMW’s “i” sub-brand, the i7 seeks to redefine luxury in the electric era, ensuring that BMW aficionados don’t have to choose between performance and environmental responsibility.

BMW i7 | myenergi

How to charge the BMW i7.

The BMW i7 supports both AC and fast DC charging. While at home, utilising a home EV charger like zappi can ensure efficient charging overnight. On longer journeys, the rapid charging capabilities ensure that within a short break, the i7 is ready to cover significant distances again.

Revered for its smart charging solutions, zappi is an ideal match for the advanced BMW i7. While the i7 represents the pinnacle of electric luxury, zappi ensures it remains powered in the greenest way possible.

With seamless integration capabilities with home-based renewable energy sources, zappi guarantees that the i7 is not just driving emissions-free but is charged from the cleanest sources available.

BMW i7 | myenergi

Key features of the BMW i7 i7 xDrive60.

Elegant Design: BMW’s iconic design language evolves beautifully with the i7, combining aerodynamic efficiency with undeniable presence.

Top-Tier Performance: True to BMW’s legacy, the i7 doesn’t compromise on power, offering exhilarating acceleration and handling, the top of the range BMW i7 boasts an impressive zero to 60 mph in around 3.7 seconds.

Advanced Infotainment: The i7 boasts one of the most advanced infotainment systems in the luxury EV segment, ensuring passengers are always connected and entertained.

Interior Craftsmanship: The cabin of the i7 is a sanctuary of luxury with opulent materials, precise craftsmanship, and a sense of spaciousness that is unparalleled.

Adaptive Driving Modes: Beyond just Sport, Comfort, and Eco modes, the i7 offers adaptive driving modes, adjusting the vehicle’s dynamics based on road conditions and driver input.

Safety Suite: The i7 comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of safety and driver assistance features, from adaptive cruise control to lane-keeping assist, ensuring peace of mind for its occupants.

BMW i7 | myenergi
How much does a BMW i7 i7 xDrive60 cost?

The BMW i7 carries a price tag similar to the Mercedes EQS, positioning it in the luxury segment. Moreover, to enjoy some of its most captivating features – such as the plush rear lounge seats, the Theatre Screen, and the immersive surround-sound system – you’d have to pay extra.

For corporate users, the i7 emerges as a more economical option compared to petrol, diesel, or plug-in hybrids. This is due to the current low benefit-in-kind tax rate of 2% on fully electric vehicles. While large saloons generally experience rapid depreciation, the i7’s value may diminish more swiftly than a Range Rover’s. Nonetheless, when juxtaposed against petrol or diesel counterparts, the i7 holds its ground as a commendable investment and is projected to have a marginally better depreciation curve than the EQS.

In summary, the BMW i7 is not just an electric car but a beacon of BMW’s vision for the future of sustainable luxury travel. From its high-end features to its impeccable design, it truly sets a new benchmark for what electric luxury can and should be.

BMW i7 | myenergi
How long is the BMW i7?

The i7’s length is not just about a number; it’s about the space it offers to its occupants, the road presence it commands, and the statement it makes. It strikes a balance between being imposing and elegant, ensuring it stands out but with sophistication. But at 5.3 metres long to certainly does make a statement. Matched only by the length of its petrol/diesel counterpart the 7 Series and by Mercedes Maybach S-Class.

Does the BMW i7 have a telescopic steering wheel?

Yes, in line with its luxury positioning, the BMW i7 comes equipped with a telescopic steering wheel, ensuring drivers can find the most ergonomic and comfortable driving position.

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