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BMW i4 eDrive40

On Average £57,890
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BMW i4 | myenergi

BMWi4 eDrive40 Charging Guide

The BMW i4 exemplifies the renowned luxury car maker’s venture into the electric vehicle domain. Merging BMW’s iconic driving dynamics with electric vehicle efficiency, the i4 stands as a beacon of the brand’s dedication to eco-friendly yet thrilling driving experiences. It embodies BMW’s legacy of innovation and elegance, all the while leading the charge in eco-conscious automotive performance.

The BMW i4 is more than an electric car – it’s a seamless blend of BMW’s signature driving joy and the benefits of electrified transportation. Marked by competitive pricing, efficient charging, dynamic all-wheel drive, and German precision, the i4 is an appealing choice for those valuing luxury, high performance, and environmental stewardship. It marks a pivotal advancement in BMW’s electric evolution, previewing the future of automotive travel.

BMW i4 | myenergi

How to charge the BMW i4.

Effortless and efficient, charging the BMW i4 aligns with the vehicle’s ethos of convenience. Home charging is the most common method, where a Level 2 charger facilitates overnight charging, ensuring the vehicle is fully powered for daily use.

For longer trips, the i4 can be powered at public charging stations, including DC fast chargers. The BMW navigation system aids in easily locating nearby charging stations, enhancing the convenience for drivers on the move.

BMW i4 | myenergi

Is the BMW i4 all-wheel drive?

The BMW i4 offers an all-wheel drive (AWD) option, particularly in its performance-focused models like the i4 M50. This AWD setup augments the vehicle’s stability and handling, optimizing power distribution for superior traction and performance across varying driving scenarios.

BMW i4 | myenergi
Where is the BMW i4 made?

BMW’s Munich, Germany plant is the birthplace of the i4, signifying BMW’s stride in sustainable and innovative manufacturing. This facility has been extensively modified to accommodate the production of electric vehicles alongside traditional combustion-engine cars, symbolising BMW’s dedication to sustainable practices and technological advancement.

BMW i4 | myenergi
How much is the BMW i4?

With a starting price of about £49,995*, the BMW i4 is positioned as a high-end electric vehicle. This price point mirrors its fusion of BMW’s luxury, advanced electric technology, and comprehensive high-end features. Targeted at discerning motorists, the i4 combines the esteemed performance and prestige of BMW with a progressive, electrically powered approach to mobility.

*Price correct as of November 2023.

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