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i3 60 Ah

On Average £265,000
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BMW i3 | myenergi

BMW i3 60 Ah Charging Guide

The BMW i3, unveiled in the UK in 2017, represented a departure from conventional automotive philosophy. As a pillar of BMW’s electric “i” sub-brand, the i3 showcased a blend of urban-centric design, sustainable production, and innovative technologies.

It was BMW’s answer to the increasing demand for urban electric mobility, providing a solution that didn’t compromise on luxury or performance. Built in a factory powered predominantly by renewable energy, even its production method spoke volumes about the brand’s eco-friendly ethos.

BMW i3 | myenergi

How to charge the BMW i3 60 Ah at home?

For those BMW i3 owners who prioritise sustainable energy even at home, zappi emerges as a prime choice. With its adaptive charging technology, zappi aligns perfectly with the BMW i3’s philosophy of sustainable living.

It isn’t just about charging an electric vehicle but doing so in the most eco-friendly manner possible. With the ability to integrate with home solar and wind installations, zappi ensures that when your i3 charges, it’s drawing from the greenest sources possible. Furthermore, zappi’s various charging modes allow for optimal energy usage, ensuring that you get the most out of both your renewable installations and your BMW i3.

BMW i3 | myenergi

Key Features of the BMW i3 60 Ah.

The BMW i3 is not merely a vehicle; it’s a statement of luxury and sustainability. Its standout features include:

a. Revolutionary design: Lightweight carbon-fibre reinforced plastic construction ensures durability while reducing weight.
b. Dynamic driving: A rear-wheel-drive setup paired with instant torque provides a spirited driving experience.
c. Interior excellence: Crafted using sustainable materials, the cabin offers premium comfort and aesthetics.
d. Advanced tech interface: The iDrive system ensures entertainment, navigation, and connectivity are always at your fingertips.
e. Safety innovations: With driver assistance features, the i3 ensures every journey is as safe as it is enjoyable.

BMW i3 | myenergi
Is the BMW i3 60 Ah fully electric?

Yes, the BMW i3 is mainly an electric car, crafted for urban travel without emissions. But there’s also a variant by BMW called the i3 REx (Range Extender) that comes equipped with a compact gasoline engine to boost the range when the battery runs low.

Charging the BMW i3 is a seamless process. Owners can connect their vehicle to a standard home outlet or utilise a Level 2 home charging station like zappi for faster charging durations. For on-the-go charging, public fast-charging stations offer quick top-ups, ensuring the i3 is always ready for the journey ahead.

BMW i3 | myenergi
How expensive is the BMW i3 60 Ah to maintain?

While the BMW i3 does represent the luxury segment, its electric nature ensures that the regular maintenance costs are generally lower than traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. The absence of oil changes, fewer moving parts, and regenerative braking systems mean fewer wear and tear components.

However, it’s worth noting that replacement parts and specialised services, given its luxury stature, might be on the pricier side.

In summary, the BMW i3 encapsulates BMW’s forward-thinking approach, crafting a vehicle that stands at the intersection of luxury and sustainability. Whether it’s the unparalleled charging experience with solutions like zappi or its unparalleled fusion of comfort and eco-consciousness, the BMW i3 beckons to those eager to journey into a greener, yet luxurious, automotive future.

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