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One home eco system

Take control of your energy

Control exactly how your energy is used around the home through one single app. Experience complete intelligent control over your self-generated energy and smart devices within a unified home ecosystem.


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Installation made easy.

Book a zappi home EV charger installation in a few simple steps! Explore our full range of eco-smart battery storage and solar solutions designed to help you achieve energy independence.

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Made for home and business

Maximise Your Surplus Self-Generated Energy

Our patented technology monitors your energy generation and usage, working to maximize the use of self-generated energy and minimise your grid consumption.

Maximise your energy

More choice. More control. Meet OCPP.

zappi is now OCPP supported as standard. This means you can connect to hundreds of platforms that allow you to control and manage your charging experience. From keeping track of usage to controlling who can access your zappi – OCPP is making eco energy even easier.

Find out more about how OCPP gives you more choice, more control, and a better charging experience at home, as well as how it allows you to keep track of every charge in the workplace.

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myenergi app
Putting you in control
Manage and Monitor Your Energy Usage

Every myenergi device is designed to be connected. This means you can monitor everything in one place from the myenergi app as well as adjust settings, timers, and boost functions as and when you need to.

Manage your energy

Trusted reviews from our clients

Promoting energy independence and driving a sustainable future relies not only on our patented technology and innovative products but also on a dedicated team of supportive people who care for every one of our clients, partners, and installers.

Grant’s Story

Grant has worked hand in hand with myenergi’s products to future-proof his home, installing the full myenergi product range. This has helped him to cut down on his energy reliance from the grid and track his daily usage through our app.

Wholesale Partnerships

Our wholesale partners are a vital part of our success and our mission.

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Large Scale Application

Whether you are a smaller or larger developer, we have an end to end solution.

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EV & Charging Guides

Everything you need to know about EVs and charging.

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Our Story

We innovate and manufacture affordable, pioneering technology for our customers. From starting out in the Humber Freeport, the epicenter of green technology in the UK, to our recent global expansion, our vision remains: To create the myenergi eco-smart home, a simple, accessible, and convenient eco-system that saves our customers money and increases their energy independence, ultimately removing the barriers to a greener future.

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Our awards & honourable mentions

The Sunday Times Hundred 2023 Britain’s fastest growing private companies
The Humber Renewables Awards 2018
The Sunday Times Hundred 2022 Britain’s fastest growing private companies
Seai Sustainable energy authority of Ireland
Business Awards 2018
Solar Storage Live
Fleet Heroes 2018
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