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Manage the flow of grid energy into your home

Manage Your Energy

Minimise carbon and cost. Maximise convenience.

Both the zappi ev charger and eddi energy harvester; are designed to be eco smart. This means they aren’t just connected to the internet and to each other, but they can make intelligent decisions about when and where to divert your power.

This allows you to manage how much power comes into your property from the grid and how much from your self generated power.

To manage your energy, our eco smart technology considers a number of factors such as carbon, cost, convenience and the energy tariff you use. Whilst reducing your energy spend and carbon emissions are of paramount importance, we understand that maintaining your current lifestyle has to come first. A sustainable future that has a positive impact on the environment and a minimal impact on your day to day life is the ideal.

Our devices aren’t just “smart”…

They’re intelligent…

Whilst “smart” devices sound impressive, often the term is used to describe the fact that the device can be connected and controlled via the internet. Whilst that is convenient, we need technology that makes intelligent decisions on our behalf about when and where to draw power. That’s exactly how our eco smart technology operates – it takes the burden of making decisions to allow you to get on with your day.

Smart = Connected
(the device can be controlled by a user via the internet).

eco smart = Adaptive
(the device makes intelligent decisions without intervention).

eco smart technology & tariff tracking

Our eco smart technology makes intelligent decisions based on the energy tariff you are signed up to, allowing it to optimise for drawing energy from the grid at the lowest possible rate per kWh.