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zappi Did you know you can get zero-rated VAT on your solar EV charger, when you install it with our intelligent home battery storage system, libbi? As long as it’s installed from 1st Feb 2024


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ev charging at home
Your next home EV charger Fast charge your EV at home whilst you sleep, or work.

Fast charge your EV at home while you sleep or work. Let zappi make the intelligent decisions around saving energy, ensuring you get the charge you need for the lowest cost, while you focus on doing the things you enjoy.

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Three EV charging modes

zappi provides you with tailor-made charging to suit your lifestyle and demands. Whether you need a “fast” charge to get you going in a hurry or are happy to wait for your charge to take place using 100% renewable energy, Zappi gives you the flexibility to charge on your terms.

The eco charge mode is a mixture of both green energy and energy imported from the grid. Eco mode minimizes the use of grid power, generally taking advantage of cheaper rates overnight, but can also charge using 100% green energy. Essentially giving you the ability to charge up your car for free! The charging power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in generation or power being used elsewhere in the home.

If the surplus generation drops below 1.4kWh, some power will be drawn from the grid to top it back up.

Eco+ charging is very similar to eco charging in that it can utilize power from the grid or your own power source. However, the charge power is continuously adjusted in response to changes in generation or power consumption elsewhere in the home. Your electric car charging will pause if there is too much-imported power, continuing only when there is surplus free power available.

In fast mode, your vehicle will be charged at maximum power. This power can come from a renewable energy source or simply from the grid. The cost of charging an electric car also depends on numerous factors, including mode and the car itself.

If you don’t have solar panels or wind generation, zappi will charge just like an ordinary Mode 3 charging point.


Charge with Intelligence

Charge with Intelligence and integrate with low-cost energy tariffs. Save money by integrating your zappi EV charger with low-cost energy tariffs and set automations to ensure your electric vehicle charges solely during periods when energy prices are at their lowest.

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Petrol 10,000 miles at £1.41/litre, averaging 36 MPG.

Electric 10,000 miles charging on a flat rate tariff costing £0.27p/kWh.

Charging with the intelligence of zappi

Potential savings

Cost to charge off-peak

Cost to charge off-peak and solar

Display cost to charge

Per charge

*Petrol annual cost based on 10,000 miles at £1.41/litre. Electric annual cost based on 10,000 miles charging on a flat rate tariff costing £0.27p/kWh. Off-peak tariff based on Octopus Intelligent Go’s time-of-use pricing at 7.5p/kWh. Pricing of tariffs varies by region. Costs shown do not include any additional charges (such as standing charge) or discounts. Assuming 25% of your car battery is charged with solar. Cost projections exclude any export payments. These calculations are based on the manufacturer’s NEDC figures. Your mileage and performance may vary based on the weather, your driving style and type of route driven.

Did you know…

200,000 drivers in Britain voted zappi as Home Charger of the Year?

Britain’s best-selling, and our very own, eco-smart EV charging station, was awarded Best Home Charger at the Auto Trader New Car Awards in 2023. And rightly so!

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Charge your EV using free and clean self generated energy.

Pioneers of the world’s first and original solar EV charger, charging your EV in the greenest way possible wasn’t just an afterthought for us. We pioneered this technology into a reality, with tens of thousands of customers now charging their EVs at home and at work for free!

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Did you know?

Our EV chargers are designed and manufactured right here in Britain

On top of this, our entirely UK-based technical support team on hand to answer any of your questions and queries. You even get a 3-year warranty.

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True Energy Independence

The only charger that seamlessly integrates with your whole home energy eco system, working with your solar panels, home battery, heat pump and energy tariff, for true energy independence.


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ev charger warranty

EV charger that comes with a 3 year warranty

As well as having our excellent technical support team on hand to answer any of your questions and queries, our zappi EV charger also comes with a 3-year warranty. Once your home EV charger has been installed, please register your individual products to take full advantage of the 3-year warranty support.

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Check out our EV charger FAQ’s

Yes, you can use your zappi EV charger to charge your car without solar. It will simply take power from the grid and charge your car like a conventional electric car charger. With the added benefit of being ready for solar charging if you were to get PV in the future!

The time it takes to charge your EV isn’t all that black and white and depends on multiple factors such as the vehicle, battery size and type of charger. However, the average time to charge an EV is around 7 hours 42 minutes, using a standard (not rapid) charger.

The time it takes to charge your EV using solar panels depends on a number of factors. For example, the number of solar panels in use. On average a single panel will generate around 9kWh so if you have multiple panels, the power generated will increase.

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The cost of charging your EV varies depending on a number of factors. If using solar panels, you can charge you EV for free! However if you are paying for an EV charger at a service station for example, they will dictate their own rate depending on the fluctuating costs of energy at the time. At home, you can benefit from cheaper charging if plugging your electric car in at night compared with during the day, and you can also select different charging modes which will change the cost. You can find out more about this and base line calculations in our guide how much does it cost to charge an electric car?