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Zappi V2


Competition winners

We love to communicate with our customers AKA (happizappi family). Every month we run a competition for a cash prize of £125 if our product customers register their product and/or fill in our feedback form. We’re striving to grow and improve our business with the customers at the forefront. We have now had over 1,000 people register their products but there are still more of you zappi and eddi owners out there yet to do so – please check out the following link on our website –

Here are our latest winners:

Jamie Adam – Warranty Registration Winner

Jeremy Roebuck – Feedback Winner

Mike Morris – Warranty Registration Winner

Ed Bond – Feedback Winner

Michael Downes – Warranty Registration Winner

Dan Shimmin – Feedback Winner

Site expansion

myenergi recently extended the site from four to six business units at its base in Binbrook, Lincolnshire. The team have now turned their focus onto working with the local council to grow even larger, with a new purpose built facility on the horizon.

Market Leaders in Ireland

After an exciting visit from our Irish Distributor (BHC Distributors) last week and running a few stats we are pleased to announce zappi is now the market leader in Ireland for home charging.

eddi is close behind as the power diverter of choice for the SEAI. Over 1000 zappi’s and 500 eddi products are installed across Ireland. BHC is showing no signs of slowing down with bold ambitions to double the install numbers by the end of 2019.

Government-Backed Projects

myenergi are working in collaboration with the Government Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Energy Systems Catapult and some other influential industry partners on a project that is investigating how our products can be used to revolutionise the ‘Balancing Services’ that are needed to keep our electricity grid running smoothly behind the scenes.

The project will be running over the next couple of years and we will be recruiting some existing zappi and eddi owners to get actively involved and help us gather data. Hopefully, in the next month, we will be contacting possible candidates.

Investing in People

myenergi are proud to recruit locally from their beautiful Lincolnshire surroundings. The team has grown from 7-39 within the space of a year. We’ve recruited admin roles, tech support staff, electronics engineers, production operatives, project managers, software and firmware developers. myenergi like to encourage ambitious people’s careers by offering training programmes and internal progression to supervisory/managerial roles.

Not only do myenergi recruit from the UK, but we also recruit from overseas, we now have our Tier 2 international employer licence and have recently recruited an Electronics Engineer from Egypt. We have a female German student over with us looking in to automation of production and quality control as part of her university thesis. We have an Electronics Engineer over from France who is now one of the core development team working on the innovation of the zappi.

Hub & App

Our hub device will be being shipped from this week (W/C 25/02/2019) and is available to pre-order now – please contact our sales team for further information (

The myenergi mobile App will soon follow & we’ll update you on its progress within the next couple of weeks.

Although the App is not yet available for download, the hub will be able to be used to update zappi and eddi firmware.

Once the pre-ordered hubs are despatched, we’ll then make them available to all and add them to the website. Stay tuned for updates.

Zappi v2

If you follow our story you’ll see we have taken some real innovative steps once again, which not only save the customers money but allow the installers to quickly install zappi in line with the new 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2018), saving them a ton of hassle and time.

We have observed lots of discussions online about zappi’s much-anticipated earth electrode elimination technology; we will be providing much more detail about this soon. Please stay tuned.

zappi V2

Originally, we had envisioned dispatches to commence late February 2019, but this will have to be set back due to a delivery delay with components. We will be providing regular updates and information throughout March to inform all customers who have pre-ordered the v2 2019 zappi when they can expect to receive their products.

Many apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working extremely hard to get your products to you as quickly as possible in the Springtime so you can start charging on sunshine and saving.  Should you wish to query your order in any way, please contact our Sales Team –

Thank you for your support and understanding as always!