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Sparki and the journey to Earth | Our Brand-New Kids Book

sparki on roof

The Story of Sparki is here! We’re extremely excited to share our brand-new myenergi kids’ book, which is the passion project of our co-founder (and now mother and author!) Jordan.

We could not be prouder of Jordan, who has juggled turning this amazing idea of hers into a reality while working hard at myenergi HQ and becoming a new mother to her beautiful new baby girl, Bonnie!

Baby Bonnie, born on the weekend of Fully Charged Live earlier this month, will be able to hear the stories of myenergi’s Sparki as she grows up, with Jordan continuing to develop the journey of our little green alien.

“It’s my mission to educate the next generation about renewable energy and the electrification of transport,” says Jordan, who describes the first in the Sparki series as “the perfect little gift for your eco-warrior children, the future saviours of our gorgeous planet.”

Who is Sparki?

Sparki is a friendly, green alien who lives on a far distant planet in another galaxy with his family. His home planet is as beautiful as it is peaceful.

When he is happy, Sparki’s tummy glows a brilliant bright pink, which helps to power his spaceship. What makes him happiest? Learning about his other favourite planet – Earth! You can imagine his delight, therefore, when he gets to visit our planet on an intergalactic trip.

Upon his arrival, he marvels in Earth’s natural beauty but soon realises we may be a bit behind his planet in terms of sustainability and renewable energy. This marks the start of his first adventure in what will soon be a series of myenergi kids’ books.

Jordan says: “As soon as we had the character, I saw a story developing around him. Teaching children how to power electric cars and how sustainable energy is generated is so important.

“We’ve got the power of the wind, the sun and the ocean available, why aren’t we using all of it? That’s what I’m trying to get across to the kids.”

Get your copy today!

‘Sparki and the journey to Earth’ – the first book in the Sparki series – is available now! Dive into the story with your children and follow Sparki’s first adventure by purchasing your copy here.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our website and social channels for the next story.