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myenergi and Grace Beverley put green tech on centre stage

In November, Jordan Brompton, co-founder and CMO of myenergi, appeared on the Working Hard, Hardly Working podcast. Hosted by Grace Beverley, lifestyle vlogger and founder of sustainable clothing brand TALA, the show explores the extraordinary journeys of people from all walks of life who have achieved remarkable success in unique fields.


Alongside taking listeners on a journey through her entrepreneurial experiences, Brompton explained the monumental rise of myenergi and discussed how the company’s global following has helped to put North-East Lincolnshire on the map as a hub for renewable tech innovation.


Founded in 2016 by sustainability entrepreneur Brompton and electronics engineer Lee Sutton, myenergi is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of eco-smart renewable energy tech. Renowned for its first-to-market products, including the world’s first solar-compatible EV charger – zappi – myenergi is committed to helping consumers decarbonise, decentralise and take total control of their energy use.


In just a few short years, the company has experienced rapid growth. With a CAGR of more than 200% in the past few years alone, myenergi recently placed in the Sunday Times 100* for the second year running, while the business was also recently named as the fastest-growing manufacturing and engineering business in the North of England by the Fast Growth 50**.


In October, myenergi shipped its 600,000th unit, just days after announcing a £30m investment from Energy Impact Partners to accelerate further internationalisation and new product development. Internationally, the business has a growing global footprint, with active subsidiaries in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland.


In comment, Brompton said: “I’ve been a fan of Working Hard, Hardly Working since day one, listening and learning from the inspirational stories being shared. As such, it was an honour to be asked to record an episode.


“The journey of myenergi since we founded the business has been pretty mad. We’ve grown a global business from the ground up – literally from a tiny start-up in the Lincolnshire Wolds to a household name that ships tens of thousands of first-to-market products all over the world every single week.


“We’ve won awards, we’ve been invited to an audience with the Prime Minister, we’ve joined panel discussions with Bill Gates and we’ve brought game-changing renewable tech to market. Most importantly, however, we’ve accelerated momentum towards decarbonisation and helped hundreds of thousands of households to take control of their energy.


“Being able to talk about the story of myenergi with Grace was really cool. I hope that listeners can take something out of the journey I’ve been on and learn from my successes and mistakes as an entrepreneur.”


You can download the Ep.61 of Working Hard, Hardly Working on all major streaming services.