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EV charge point grant extended to households with on-street street parking

Earlier this week (18th March), the Department for Transport (DfT) announced an extension of grants towards the purchase and installation of EV charge points for properties with off-street parking, now available to households without a dedicated parking space. Jordan Brompton, co-founder and CMO of myenergi, praises the move and offers her insight.


“This announcement from the DfT is terrific news for current and future EV owners and the industry as a whole. Now anyone who owns or rents a property with access to ‘adequate’ on-street parking (with permission from their local council) can claim 75% of the cost of buying and installing a charger, up to £350.


“Cross-pavement solutions, like cable gullies offered by Kerbo Charge, offer a fantastic solution for those without driveways or dedicated off-street spaces to charge their EVs without blocking pedestrians. This move will unlock access to charging for thousands of potential EV owners by offering even greater options for keeping their EVs topped up.


“In more good news, this week the government-funded local electric vehicle infrastructure (LEVI) fund also announced £185 million of additional funding for local councils to install public charge points. Continued government commitment and financial support for EV charging infrastructure has and will continue to go a long way towards accelerating the transition to EVs, while enabling the UK to prepare for the petrol and diesel ban in 2035.


“Electric vehicles have never been more accessible – EV prices a falling, availability is up, wait times are down, there’s a healthy second-hand market, and charging solutions are more diverse and affordable than ever. In January this year, we saw the one millionth EV registered in the UK and the trend continued with a record-breaking February, so the outlook for EVs is strong and the future of the industry is getting brighter by the day.”