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Eddi – Reducing Emissions and Bills One Household At A Time

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As an award-winning designer and manufacturer of renewable products, we have to continue innovating and spearheading the momentum towards a sustainable future. One product that has helped with reducing emissions for many households and businesses around the world is eddi.

What is eddi and how does it work?

eddi is a device that diverts surplus power from your solar panels and wind turbines and puts it to use elsewhere in your home or building. This intelligent system prevents power you are generating yet not using from being exported back to the grid and therefore wasted.

Any power being generated and not utilised is diverted by eddi into a storage tank, which then heats your water gradually throughout the day. This can then later be used for hot showers. Eddi can also divert the power to other resistive loads such as underfloor heating, storage heaters and/or towel rails.

As an automatic power controller capable of diverting power to specific, designated areas, eddi is perfect for every season. On those bright, chilly winter mornings, you can divert your excess power into heating your home. In the summer, when you don’t need the heating on, you can begin using the energy you’ve stored for hot showers.

Why is there a need for eddi?

Anyone who uses solar panels or wind turbines to generate energy will know that you rarely use all the power generated from such renewable resources. If you are generating a surplus, that power will go back to the grid. Not only is this an inefficient use of your money, it also increases your greenhouse gas emissions.

So, how do you prevent this from happening? eddi. Through installing eddi, you become less reliant on the grid, with 95% of your power coming from self-consumption, compared to a mere 27% without it.

An installation of eddi can actually reduce your household bills by up to £250 a year! Thanks to this clever piece of kit’s LCD display, you can see these savings, along with a host of other information, as they happen.

How was eddi created?

As is often the case, we have our Founder and MD Lee to thank for this one.

Having worked in the renewable industry for 10 years – and being a green tech enthusiast and all-round electronics engineering genius – Lee has always had a talent for picking things apart, seeing how they work and developing his own ideas through gaps and niches in the market.

One day, he was on the ground installing solar panels, having got them in his own home, and he realised how ridiculous it was to have them generating power and sending it back to the grid while at work.

Each day after work, he would come home and strike up his immersion to have a shower. He figured there must be a way to do this without having to draw full power from the grid. That’s where he got the idea to gradually divert the power he was paying for but not using to a storage tank.

Lee began developing the technology and people absolutely loved it because they were seeing their return on investment (ROI) increase dramatically.

What else can eddi do?

eddi is extremely innovative, so much so that it is able to work alongside battery storage systems, as well as zappi, our Electric Vehicle charger that powers your car with surplus energy.

Sustainability enthusiasts should also keep an eye out for the imminent release of our highly anticipated hub and app. Due to be released February 2019, their arrival will allow eddi owners to see live data and take remote control of their devices.

Why the name eddi?

The name eddi derives from the term ‘eddy current’, which is a “localised electric current induced in a conductor by a varying magnetic field”. Another meaning of the word is: “a circular movement of water”.

We thought both connotations fitted perfectly with our product, so we swapped the y with an i to fit with our branding and we had our name!

Learn more about eddi

For technical information about eddi and how it can reduce both your carbon footprint and bills, check out our eddi product page.

If you would like to learn more about eddi or any of our innovative, easy-to-use green products, we recommend giving us a call and speaking to the myenergi team. We will always have the time to discuss our products in more detail and answer any questions you may have.