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An Installer’s Review – Written by API Electrical

An Installer’s Review – Written by API Electrical


This is a free (non-commissioned) guest blog post provided by APi Electrical – A leading UK Independent EV ChargePoint Installation Specialist based in the North West.

To give perspective on this blog – We are not aligned to any one particular chargepoint brand – We are proudly independent service providers and partnered to more chargepoint manufacturers than any other installer in the UK.

Our independence gives us a unique insight and perspective to review what is available to plug-in car owners, with regard to their options and choice of charge points and how the zappi compares.

When we became aware of the zappi – it immediately stood out from the crowd… It ticked so many boxes – and even boxes that were not there (normally) to be ticked. We just had to become zappi charger installers!

A No-Brainer – Guaranteed
We now always ask our customers whether they have, or may get solar in the future and tell them that if they have, then the zappi is a ‘no-brainer’ compared to any other charger on the market.

Kinder to the Environment and on the Pocket
The simple fact is that the zappi is the first chargepoint on the market designed to attract people with micro-generation, enabling zappi owners to take advantage of their surplus self-generated energy, such as solar and wind and put it to better (and cleaner) use, by charging their cars, rather than than feeding it back into the grid… and let’s face it who wouldn’t like free fuel for their cars?

The feeling of driving around with your own generated energy gives zappi users a unique sense of owner-satisfaction and the more it is used – The more you save – and this return on investment is one of the zappi’s major attractions.

Design and Installation

Our electricians tell us that the zappi is very easy to install and it comes with some integral features that no other domestic chargers have, such as load-balancing, to prevent tripping of the available supply, which is something normally only associated with far more expensive commercial chargers.

LCD Display
The zappi also has an integral LCD display to monitor energy consumption and enables you to quickly and easily calculate the savings you make as you go, other chargers require a meter at extra cost to be installed to provide this information.

The zappi’s info display relays far more info than just kWh used it displays which mode you choose to use it. It can charge entirely on free, surplus energy, (pausing if more surplus is required) or it can be set to automatically switch to grid when surplus has been used – or it can simply charge at a full 7kW providing approximately 30 miles of range per hour, depending on the car’s charging capacity.

Choice of Cable Length
Another unique selling point for the zappi is the optional extra of an 8m cable rather than the standard 5m. This is something that we think can be invaluable for customers with larger plug-in cars that are compromised on where they can park their car in their drive, sometimes 5 meters just isn’t enough.

It is a pleasure to be able to offer this product to our customers and we consider it a clear winner on value for money because of it’s low cost and superior design features and if combined with solar or wind micro-generation it is a total no-brainer . Myenergi sum it up perfectly with their simple but catchy strap-line – ‘Charge Your EV with Your PV’.

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